2014 Budget Tempate

I find that I have more money in my wallet by not only earning more, but by sticking to a budget. This helps me track how much is coming in each week and how much is going out.

This year, however, I’m going to add to it with the help of CanadianBudgetBinder, by using their monthly budget as well. They’ve developed a great system that organizes the your monthly expenses and income, and then organizes it into great graphs.

This year, I’ll be using both budgets. I love the CanadianBudgetBinder one since it is so well organized and displays the data in a single glance, but I still need the weekly function that my budget allows since most of my bills are biweekly and I need to remember to pay them on time!

Either way, check them out and I hope you find them useful!

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