A Book Worth Reading: “The Trial of Fallen Angels”

The Trial of Fallen Angels by James Kimmel Jr.


This book shook my soul. 

I picked up this book on Black Friday on a total whim. Chapters was having a buy 3 get 1 free event, and I had some gift cards left over from my birthday (the go to gift for most people to me), that I had been saving for such an occasion. Fortunately my town is a commuter town and as a result, Chapters wasn’t too busy considering the date, so I wondered around and picked up this gem.

The book follows a lawyer who has been brutally murdered (don’t worry, you learn this right away and it is the basis of the book – not a spoiler by any means), who has to come to terms with her death in the afterlife. In the process, the reader is taken on a spiritual journey, revisiting various Biblical Stories (Noah’s Ark being a major metaphor throughout) and confronting standing notions of justice and love. Through it all, the reader is reminded of the good and evil inside of us all and the truly transformative and healing power of forgiveness.

Once I finished, I sobbed for about five minutes straight. I cried for the beauty of the story, the power of forgiveness and the hate that curses through too many individual’s souls – hate whic_h breeds inexcusable atrocities, compounding pain and captures people in a never ending downward spiral of bitterness and revenge.

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