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Extra Cash – November 2018

I love November.  Sure, the weather is dreary and cold.  People are grumpy and missing the sun, but it is sure is a great month for extra cash!  Year after year, November is my highest earning month, mostly thanks to my annual cashback deposit from my Scotia Bank Visa Infinite card! This year certainly didn’t […]

Extra Cash – October 2018

Canadian stay-at-home mom’s extra cash income report for October 2018 October was awfully rainy, wet and gloomy around here.  We squeezed in a few good days, but for the most part all I wanted to do was stay home and sleep.  I was pretty lazy all month long, so I was rather surprised when I […]

Extra Cash – September 2018

September extra cash total was $1140.95 September was pretty much a write-off around here.  I was knocked out all month with a terrible bug that just kept moving to different parts of my body.  Thus, I spent a lot of time in bed and getting as much sleep as I possibly could.  Fortunately, I had […]

Extra Cash – August 2018

  It’s so hard to believe that summer has come to an end, but this week’s quick cool down certainly got me in the fall mood!  Fortunately, as companies gear up for the Christmas season, smart consumers have more opportunities for extra cash!  I’m looking forward to stacking my extra cash wallet this fall! Here’s […]

Extra Cash – July 2018

It’s so hard to believe that we are more than half way through August and summer is coming to an end 🙁  Between travelling, revamping this blog and starting a new one, I have been absolutely swamped, which has delayed the publication of my July 2018 Extra Cash Report – my apologies! So, without further […]

Extra Cash – June 2018

Adding a third child to our clan certainly made for a crazy year!  Now that the summer months are here and hubby is off for the summer, I look forward to spending more time focusing on extra cash opportunities and paying off some of the debt we took on during his paternity leave. Even though […]

Extra Cash – May 2018

  Oops, June was a CRAZY month and I just realized that I forgot to post my May numbers. So here’s how we ended up with an extra $693.54! $51.59 – Coupons $330.38 – Newspapers $107.78 – Blog Advertising $67.47 – Craft Sales $50 – Swagbucks $25 – Royal Draw $110 – PC Optimum $20 – Chef’s Plate $15 – Facebook Sales $10 – Drop (use […]

Extra Cash – April 2018

  I’ve been working away on my new crafting business, which has taken away quite a bit of time from my other money making ventures.  Nevertheless, I still managed an extra $963.19! Here’s how: $344.72 – Coupons $264.30 – Newspapers $110 – PC Optimum $100 – Swagbucks $49.80 – Chef’s Plate $25 – Price Fixing […]

Earning Points with Asking Canadians

  ​What if I were to tell you that you can build up points in popular reward programs by doing surveys? I’m serious! ​ Sure, some rewards programs send out emails to their clients and offer rewards for completing them (always a nice bonus), but there is one site that pays out specifically in reward […]

Extra Cash – March 2018

With a total of $1675.07 this month, I rocked my extra cash goal!  Getting back into the coupon game really bumped our total, as did a bit extra freelance writing and selling some junk on Facebook! Here’s how I ended up with an extra $1675.07: $323 – Facebook Sales $272.76- Newspaper Delivery $282 – Coupons $220 – […]