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Win an Apple HomePod

Have you joined in on the home connectivity craze?  I haven’t, but I am starting to covet these cool devices!  Here’s your chance to win an Apple HomePod of your very own!  To enter, click this link to go to the contest entry formRead the infoFill out your contact info Get extra entries by:– Sharing your […]


Head over to Sampler to get your free sample of o.b. Pro Comfort tampons!  They are for a limited time and while quantities last, so go fast fast fast! If you already have a Sampler account, just login to sign up for your free sample.  If you’ve never gotten a sample from them before, then […]

Extra Cash – December 2017

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with December’s earnings!  With a brand new baby to cap off the month, the extra is definitely most welcome! Here’s where my extra $1304.83 in December came from: $393.76 – Freelance Writing $301.98 – Newspapers $278.56 – ThirtyOne Gifts $70 – PC Plus $66.58 – Coupons $65 – Swagbucks $40 – Cardswap $22 […]

Extra Cash – October 2017

Well, October wasn’t the greatest for extra cash.  I’ve been hard at work the past several months on a new project, that took most of my time and lessened my focus on earning extra cash.  In the long run, it will be well worth the distraction though!  You can check out my new project (audio […]

Extra Cash – November 2017

November’s always a nice cashback month for me since that’s when my I get my annual cashback deposit from my Scotiabank Momentum Visa!  I usually also do a big Shoppers Redemption in November, but since my stock pile is pretty well stocked, I decided to hold off and save the points to use towards groceries […]

Extra Cash – August 2017

Oh the lazy days of summer, were in fact so lazy for me that I forgot to post my August earnings!  Oops! They weren’t overly spectacular, but still, they are better than nothing!   For the month of August, we brought in an extra $638.04!  Here’s how we did it: $307.38 – Newspapers $182.25 – ThirtyOne Gifts […]

Extra Cash – September 2017

September is always a fun month for getting back into routines and getting refocused.  I guess having been a student, then teacher, September has always been my ‘New Year,’ much more so than January 1st! Despite the wacky weather we had this month, we still managed to pull in an extra $799.18! Here’s how we […]

SWAGO – Up to 25 Swagbucks!

A new Swago board is available now, and it’s super easy to complete! Simply sign up/login into Swagbucks Visit your Swago Board Click on each of the squares on the board and complete the task listed Once you’ve completed as many squares as possible submit for the corresponding reward value! Once you complete the board, […]

Extra Cash – July 2017

July was my lowest month all year, and I’d like to blame it on the beautiful summer weather….if only it’d stop raining!  Nevertheless, I’m quite okay with an extra $733.55 in my pocket! Here’s how we did it: $245.10 – Newspapers $102.67 – Blog $55 – Facebook Sales $51 – Direct Sales $40 – Cardswap $40 […]