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Maximize Your Savings with These Canadian Coupon Apps!

A great way to double up or simply increase your savings is through the use of mobile apps!A number of people who have a passing curiosity in my couponing, often tell me that they are uncomfortable using coupons.  Often it is because the feel it is too time consuming, or they are afraid of having the coupons be rejected by the cashier and being embarrassed.

Coupon apps are great for such people, as no one has to know what you’re doing and there’s no holding up lines!

For people like me who simply make the time and have no problem educating cashiers on their store’s policy, apps are a great way to add even more savings!  This is because you can often double up on coupons and app redemptions (always double check the fine print though)!

So without further ado, here’s the list of my favourite apps right now:


Available on Anroid, Iphone and computer, Checkout 51 lets you upload your receipt and redeem for various offers (updates every Thursday)


How Checkout51 works
1. Open the Checkout 51 app to see this week’s offers (new every Thursday)
2. Buy any of the products on offer from any store in Canada and keep the receipt
3. In the app, tap “Upload Receipt” and snap photos of the receipt
4. When your account reaches $20, we send you a cheque!



Caddle is the newest app available to Canadians, and it is pretty awesome!

How Caddle works:

Not only will it pay you to buy certain products (and almost always has some sort of fruit/veggie/bread/dairy option), it will also pay you to engage with social media, answer extremely brief surveys and watch little video clips!

With so many ways to earn, you’ll be cashing out in no time 🙂

 Sign up here and start earning today!


While Flipp isn’t a cashback/coupon app, it is super helpful for saving money.

Basically, Flipp loads all your local (and some not so local) flyers and then as you pursue them, you click on the various offers that you are interested in.  The clippings are then saved on a clipboard, so while shopping at stores that pricematch (Food Basics, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart, Target, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, FreshCo) you can simply pull out your phone and show the cashier the deal!  No more caring around a pile of flyers and trying to find items – they are all right there on your phone!