Double Swagbucks Day!


Swagbucks is having a double stuffed day, where all actions give you double the points!

So what does this entail?
– ALL Stores in US Shop & Earn will be awarding DOUBLE Swag Bucks back! (2 SBs per dollar becomes 4 SBs per dollar, 10 SBs per dollar becomes 20 SBs per dollar, etc)

– Earn DOUBLE the usual amount for taking the Daily Poll (2 SBs instead of 1), following the NOSO path (4 SBs instead of 2), having the Toolbar installed (2 SBs instead of 1)

– Earn DOUBLE the usual amount for watching videos on SBTV (earn 6 SBs for each round of 10 videos watched for a total of 300 possible SBs )

– There will be DOUBLE the chances to win SBs for playing Games (an increase to 10 possible wins for a total of 20 possible SBs)

– There will be DOUBLE the opportunity to earn SBs for watching SBTV mobile (both Android and iPhone) (earn 2 SBs for each 5 videos with 50 possible rounds instead of 25 for a total of 100 possible SBs)

– and EXTRA Swag Codes available! (up to 40 Swag Bucks in all!)

So, be sure to frequent today to get all of the extra swagcodes and load up on swagbucks!

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  1. Blogs are very unusual. I’m amazed you’ve succeeded in SFI, while I was initiated from the beginning and have not gotten any. Once again I am very jealous, hehhehehe …. Congratulations and good luck!

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