Ebook Review –  Income Hobbies: Make Money From Your Hobbies, A Guide To Getting Started


Do you have a special talent? Something you love to do? Well why not make money doing it OR showing others how to do it? They say if you do something you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life, and it’s totally true!

A big part of the reason I started this site was to give me the opportunity to work from home, so I can raise my son and any other children we have in the future. This is my biggest priority. So in deciding on the topic of this site, I simply thought about things that I enjoy doing, so not only do I get to stay home, but so I enjoy the time I spend working. 

I enjoy researching. I enjoy writing. I enjoy learning about new things. I enjoy teaching others. I enjoy getting good deals. I enjoy bragging about my deals and how I do it. I enjoy sharing my joy! All of these joys, lead to the creation of this site and the work I do with SFI.

Now think about things that you enjoy doing. Think about how you spend your free time – or would like to if you had any! You are not alone in with these curiosities and hobbies, in fact millions of other people are interested in the same things and are looking for someone to teach them how to do what you love. Or perhaps, they are interested in purchasing the fruits of your leisure.

This is where people often get stuck. They know what they love to do. They have ideas of items they’d like to make or talents they’d like to share with others – but they don’t know how to move onto that next step.

Well, that’s where Bryant comes in with Income Hobbies: Make Money From Your Hobbies, A Guide To Getting Started. This book does exactly that. It is a concise, easy to read guide on how to monetize your hobbies. The book offers tips on using social media, other websites and affiliate programs to advertise and sell your hobby. Unlike other books with similar themes, Income Hobbies actually explains how to use these media, instead of just listing them as possible avenues.

But Income Hobbies doesn’t stop there. It also discusses how to find your competition, discover the market and demand of your hobby, and how to go about obtaining a website.

If you don’t really have a hobby or an interest, this book does offer a short list of possible topics, but it isn’t the focus, so don’t buy it for that. Instead, purchase this book to learn the steps you can take to turn your leisure into a profit!

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