First Daycare Supply Shop


This is officially my first supply shop for the daycare I’m going to open in September! Even though it’s still 9.5 months away (wow, I could have another baby in that time :-o) I’m starting to stock up on deals as they arise.

Here’s what I got at Michaels today:
Oragami paper $4.29 – 40% off regular price item
3x 3-in-1 craft kits $8.99 (regular price 24.99)
2x Animal clay kit $5.99 (regular price 8.99)
Acrilic fold-up art kit $6.49 (regular price $12.99 – ad says $9.99, but came up at $6.49) – for grandma’s stocking
-15% teacher discount (6.82)
total $46.54

Not an amazing oop, but pretty good considering regular prices!

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