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Superior Saving Strategies: Your Complete guide to saving for a better life [Kindle Edition]


Product DescriptionStruggling to make ends meet? Trying to save for a holiday? Don’t know what to do with the money you save? 

Then look no further! “Superior Saving Strategies: Your complete guide to saving for a better life” by Mark Taylor will answer all these questions and more. Mark takes you through ways in which you are able to not only save on everyday items, but also how to make your savings grow by them selves. The book clearly goes through step by step, tactics and steps you need to take in order to be financially free. Whether it be remembering ‘NUG’ to limit your spending or getting Cheaper Internet deals, this book has it all. 

Mark has been through it all and tried all the strategies listed in this book. As a result, he has a wealth of knowledge as to what strategies actually work when it comes to saving money, and trust me, you would be quite surprised with how much some of these methods can save you! 

This is what is covered by this book: 
Chapter 1: The importance of saving 
Chapter 2: How to double your savings 
Chapter 3: Analyzing your Current Spending 
Section 2: Your one stop Saving Guide 
Chapter 4: 50 Ways to Save 
Chapter 5: Building on your savings 
Chapter 6: Summary 

So if you are sick of not being able to effectively save, or just want some tips on how to save some money, grab this book now!

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