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30 Crazy (But Unique) Home Crafted Christmas Gift Ideas! Easy to Follow Instructions. [Kindle Edition]


Ever wanted to make a unique, cost-effective and practical homecrafted Christmas gift? Are you in need of some general hand made gift ideas? Well, this book shows you exactly how.

This is for people who want to give special, personalized and memorable (some say crazy!) X’mas gifts without busting their wallets. 

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the uber-creative handmade gift ideas:

– Create a personalized ‘autobiography’
– Invest in Lifestock to help 3rd world country in the person’s name
– Immortalize your friends into a toy!
– Gifting them a ‘progressive’ picnic that is sure to WOW them!
– Vouchers that they can claim from you to re-purpose their wardrobe
– And many more!

Read on to get more gift ideas now…

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