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Extreme Couponing 101 Black Friday [Kindle Edition]


This kindle document gives you the best strategies for Black Friday Shopping. Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving one of the busiest shopping days of the year. You will learn how to organize and develop a precise shopping plan so that you can get the most and best deals on Black Friday. 

Years of Black Friday shopping experiences, organization and strategies are presented step by step. Sure you could get this type of information by spending hours searching on the Internet. Why spend hours, when in this short easy to read document you will learn: 

The top and best Black Friday websites 

The Magic of the Buy and Return 

How to get FREE extended warranties 

How to organize newspaper advertisements 

The importance of return policies  

How to get in and out of a store in record time!  

How to organize your team; 

Things to do on preparation Thursday! 

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