Get Paid For Your Junk Mail!


Are you annoyed by all the junk mail that you get? Well, why not put it to work for you and get paid for sending it to the SBKC?

I’m absolutely loving this new-to-me program that actually pays you for your junk mail. I had signed up for it a few months ago, but felt that it was a little too good to be true, so didn’t really bother with it. Then part way through June, I figured I’d try it for the month and see how it delivers – and boy am I glad that I did!

In June, I earned $20 and in July $40!

When you sign up, the SBKC will send you a welcome package with some pre-paid, self-addressed envelopes. All you have to do is pop your snail mail junk mail into the envelopes and drop them off in a mail box every couple of weeks. Not only do you get paid for your snail mail, but also for your junk email (I get a lot of this) when you forward it. Once your account reaches 2000 points (worth $20), you will receive a prepaid Visa gift card in the mail the next month.

There are also opportunities to make extra points. Each month in the monthly newsletter, SBKC lists bonus point opportunities for mail from certain companies or on certain topics. You can also earn bonus points for each person you refer!

This is a great program and turning out to be a good extra cash earner. It’s pretty easy to do and the rewards come quickly in the form of prepaid Visa gift cards. My only complaint is that they don’t provide a tracker, so there’s no way to tell which of piece of junk is being processed and how much it is worth. Nevertheless, it is a program that delivers!

Join this awesome program here and start earning today! (Please help your favourite blogger out by putting Elena Fernandez as your referrer)!