How We Watch Whatever We Want For Under $32/Month!


When we moved into our new house, we decided to save money by cutting out cable. That being said, we don’t miss out on our favourite shows.

In order to do this, we invested in a Smart TV with a USB port and a Roku player. Then we subscribed to a USA DNS service called UnoTelly, which tricks our internet into thinking it’s coming from the US.

Then we subscribed to Netflix, Hulu Plus and MLB TV (just because we love baseball). Even though these are all US subscriptions, the UnoTelly tricks our signal into thinking it’s coming from the states.

Now, we get pretty much every network show and tons of movies. For the shows we don’t get, we simply download them to a USB, which we stick into the TV, or we run them off the Roku’s “Plex” app.

To break it down:
Netflix account is $8.50 a month
Hulu Plus account is $7.99 a month
MLB account is $129.99 for the year / $10.83 a month
UnoTelly account is $50 for the year / $4.17 a month

Total = $31.49!

Sure, some shows like Teen Mom, I have to stream directly from, but who cares! For just $31.49 a month, we watch just about anything we want! We could easily just download everything or stream directly from network websites, but paying a little bit for convenience the convenience is well worth it!

How do you cut down on your TV costs?

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