Hylands Teething Tablets 135 Tablets for $5.49!!!


My little guy has been teething for the past 3.5 months without anything breaking through :S So needless to say, we’ve had some rough nights. I hate to give him tylenol because of it’s possible side effects, so I save it for when it’s really bad. Instead, I often give him a homeopathic remedy that works beautifully and really helps ease his fussiness and discomfort.

Normally, I get it on amazon for $11 or so, but today I popped into Shoppers DrugMart and as I purused the shelves I found it for $10 and change. Since I’m almost on empty, I picked up a package along with various other items.

Then as I was paying, it rang up at $5.49!!!

So right away, I sent my hubby back to grab a couple more packages to stock up!

Such an amazing deal for a GREAT product!

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