Jewelry In Candles


During my research yesterday I stumbled upon this little gem of a work from home opportunity (yes, pun intended)!

Jewelry in Candles is a neat company that takes home parties, sales and affiliate promotion and adds a fun twist – jewelry!  

When you place your order, you can choose between earrings, a necklace or a ring (you enter your size, so it fits), then you simply light your candle and after a short time of burning, your jewel is exposed for you to take.  The jewelry value ranges from $10 to several thousand.

They make it even more fun, by adding surprise candles which contain hi-tech electronics, gift cards, vacations and other grand prizes they have yet to announce! 

Each candle is made from 100% soy wax, so it will burn cleanly and is safe for the environment.  They also offer a wide selection of scents, that are made from premium fragrances,, so you can savour each unique aroma.

Sound Good?

Well, not only can you purchase these fine candles, but you can also make money by selling them and/or building a sales team too!  Becoming a sales rep is completely FREE, unlike many other sales programs out there!

As a sales rep, you earn 30% commissions on each order placed, and receive a 30% discount on any purchases you make!  When you register as a sales rep, you instantly get your own webpage – all you have to do is add your name and picture (click here for an example)!  After verifying your account, you have a sales site up and running, and can begin selling!

If e-commerce isn’t really your thing, you can also order products and sell them directly to the public.  Like other work from home sales opportunities, you can also host a party and sell the candles there!

So along with that 30% sales commission, you also earn commissions off your downline (the people you refer to become sales reps).  Whenever someone you immediately referred (your first level)  makes a sale, you earn 6% of the commission value!  You get paid for their work!  But it doesn’t stop there!  Whenever someone who they referred (your second level) makes a sale, you earn a 4% commission!  

With fun, and unique products and an attractive incentive program, Jewelry in Candles, is a great work from home choice!

Join or learn more here!

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