Recall Alert – Ikea Wall-Mounted Lamps



“The recalled IKEA models are SMILA-series wall-mounted lamps — and they’re sold in eight different designs, including a blue star, yellow moon, pink flower, white flower, red heart, green bug, orange seahorse and blue seashell.  The following model numbers can be found on each:

Blue Star: STJÄRNA model with article numbers 501.944.49 or 500.108.79.
Yellow Moon: MÅNE model with article numbers 701.944.48 or 700.108.40.
Pink Flower: BLOMMA model with article numbers 901.944.47 or 000.979.50.
White Flower: BLOMMA model with article number 300-746-50.
Red Heart: HJÄRTA model with article numbers 202.256.59 or 801.993.13.
Green Bug: BAGGE model with article numbers 101.944.46 or 700.728.71.
Blue Seashell: SNÄCKA model with article number 400-982-50.
Orange Seahorse: SJÖHÄST model with article number 900-982-43.

On every model, the model name is printed on a label on the inside back of the lamp (near the light bulb). The article number can be found printed on the lamp’s packaging. They were sold exclusively at IKEA stores nationwide, in IKEA catalog’s and online from July 1999 through May 2013, for anywhere between $10 and $13.”

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