Scam Alert – Phone Call about Airmiles

Ugh.  I often wonder how people who steal others’ credit card information or make false promises sleep at night?  I suppose it goes along with the notion of manifest destiny – stepping on whomever, however, to get what they want.

I’ve received a phone call on 2 different occasions now telling me I’ve won 270 000 airmiles.  Pretty sweet, no?  

Since I enter contests all the time, the first time they called I actually thought it was possible I had won.  I don’t keep track of the contests I enter since I don’t have the time, so I thought it was plausible.  The one thing that was skeptical was the fact that it was  a machine that called, and the amount – seemed a little high.  So I did a quick google search as I waited and sure enough, many people reported receiving the same call!  So when the agent answered, I simply said “oh I just read about this horrible scam you’re running.  Goodbye.” Then I hung up.

Fast forward to today and sure enough, same call.  This time when they answered, the voice congratulated me on winning and then asked if I am over 30.  I simply replied “if I won this contest, then you should have that information.”  To which the scammer replied: “Yes, but I just need to know if you’re over 30.”  So I responded the same way, and he thanked me and then hung up!  Haha!

It’s clearly a sad reflection on the world that people have to resort to fraud to make a living, but please be forwarned and don’t give them your credit card information (the next stage after verifying that you are over 30)!

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