Side Hustle Idea: Newspaper Delivery

While exploring side hustles and ways to make extra cash, I often read about newspaper delivery. When I looked into it, most jobs paid about 20 cents a paper – and with the amount of work I assumed it would be, it didn’t seem to be worth it. Then a couple of months ago, a flyer appeared with my weekly newspaper looking for deliverers in my neighbourhood. So I figured, “why not?”

And am I glad that I did!

We deliver 77 papers on our street – each one paying 20 cents
= $15.40
We get an extra $5 for picking the papers up at the depot = $5

= $20.40 a week for about 40 minutes of work

It takes about 20 minutes to bundle the papers and about 20 minutes to deliver them (except when our little guy helps, then it takes a little longer).

 Along with the extra cash, there are some other benefits:

1. Family time – my 2 year old absolutely LOVES paper day! It is great entertainment for him to run up to a house and put a paper on the stoop. Granted, days that he ‘helps’ it takes twice as long to deliver, but well worth it for the joy it brings him and for an extra activity that actually makes us money!

2. Bonuses – Fairly often there are bonus items to be added to the delivery. Sometimes they are door hangers, sometimes extra flyers, sometimes catalogues and for each one, there is an added bonus for delivering them (usually about 10 cents a piece).

3. Coupons – We deliver the weekly flyer inserts, which means we also deliver the coupon inserts when they are released. This is a super bonus for this coupon addict, as there are always extras and I get to keep them! Double bonus when the extra delivery items have coupons and there are left overs – since this means more for me! (Please note, I only take the extras and do not take inserts from our neighbours – that’s just not cool).

4. Fitness – Having just had a baby about 3 weeks ago, I definitely need to up my activity to get rid of the baby weight and it’s kinda nice to get to do it!

Overall, the paper delivery has been fun and we will continue through the warmer months. We told our liaison that we would most likely stop once the weather gets bad, just because then it will be more of inconvenience – but we’ll wait and see what the winter brings. Sure it’s not a lot of extra cash, but works out to an extra $80-$100 a month and lots of coupons!

If you’re interested in flyer delivery, a quick kijiji search will likely bring you many leads. Also watch your weekly circulars as an opportunity may appear there (like it did for us)!

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