Starting A Home Daycare


One of the first ways to make money that comes to a mom’s mind is running a home daycare.  I’m not going to lie, when Dan and I first decided to start a family, my initial plan was to start offering childcare as soon as my maternity benefits ran out.  We even built our house with a walkout basement, so it would have the room and optimal layout for a home daycare.  While I am pursuing online job opportunities, this is still my _plan.  Keeping in line with my frugal ways, I’m even taking a course at Mohawk College to learn about home construction and repair so I can finish my basement myself and save thousands!  (Stay tuned for next summer as I share my basement renovation experience on here)!

Why I decided on home day care?  Well there’s the obvious: making money while staying home and raising my children, but I also grew up with a mom who did home daycare and boy did I learn a lot!  Not only did I learn basic childcare, but I also learned a great deal about empathy, teaching, and sharing.  As a shy child, the home daycare also gave me the chance to socialize with other children in a safe, familiar place.

Undoubtedly, this daycare experience and the understanding of child development I gained, led me to a career in teaching.  Where I continued to use the empathy, teaching and sharing skills I developed in my mom’s home daycare. 

So with this background knowledge, I do feel well prepared and capable of running a daycare.  But what about those who do not have these great experiences?  Does it mean that they are ill suited for a career in childcare?  Absolutely not!  With The Daycare Starter Kit, you can learn how to set up a successful, safe, and satisfying home daycare program.  This an amazing program teaches you things that you should consider before starting a daycare; how to choose an effective name and successful advertisements; where to find clients; how to handle challenging situations; how to set up a schedule, along with quick, easy and healthy snack ideas; tips on the business side (taxes and the such); and many other important factors that will arise!

So whether you have much experience in childcare, or non at all, The Daycare Starter Kit is a great reference to help guide you to success! 

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