Surveys – Why Bother?

 I do a lot of surveys, which inevitably leads to people asking me why I waste my time with them. It is a well known fact that you aren’t going to get rich by completing online surveys, and that you often only get paid about $1-$2 an hour. Considering the fact that in my professional field, I would make about $53 an hour, on the surface it certainly seems like a waste of time. Yet, for me, it’s not.

Before having children and becoming a stay at home mom, I dreaded going into work. I hated my job, drank a lot and took a lot of sick days. Within months of quitting the first time, I lost over 30 pounds – when I re-entered that profession within weeks I put that 30 and then some back on.  Work caused me significant anxiety and just made me really unhappy.

But back to surveys. No, they don’t pay well – but guess what? That $-$2 an hour adds up and surprisingly an extra hour or two a day isn’t that hard to find. Each night, after babe goes down for the count, hubby and I veg out in front of the tv (unfortunately, he is stuck in the same profession I was and feels much the same way about it as I do (even though he makes significantly more than I did in said job)– we are working towards getting him out, but have yet to figure out how to replace that income.) Instead of zoning out to whatever show, I’ve turned that time into my ‘work time’. I spend that hour or two (depending on how exhausted we are) doing surveys and making a bit of extra cash. Will it make us rich? No. Does it replace a regular income? No. But what it does, is add a bit of extra money when it comes to gift buying time, a guilty indulgence or adding a bit to savings.

An added bonus is that almost every survey site that I use, also offers contests that you get entries for by completing surveys. I have yet to win, but my mom has won quite a few prepaid credit cards through her participation – like I said: every little bit counts!