Swagbucks Birthday Celebration – 66 points in codes


Today is Swagbucks‘ birthday and to celebrate they are having a party!  There will be many chances to earn extra points, including the release of swagcodes throughout the day.  I will post the ones I find here, but you may want to scope out swagcodesspoiler to catch the codes as they are released 🙂

What is SwagbucksSwagbucks is an awesome site that lets you earn points which you can use to redeem for giftcards or various merchandise.  I typically redeem for amazon.ca giftcodes (you only need 450 swagbucks, which takes about a week to earn).  I have earned $10 for Home Depot and $275 for amazon since September 2011!  Sure it’s not a fortune, but it certainly helps when it comes to giving gifts!

The amazon codes you can redeem for are simply a alphanumerical code and many people will trade coupons for the codes (expect about $50 in coupons in exchange for a $5 code) – certainly a good way to get your hands on some much wanted coupons

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