The Biggest Loser Club-Don’t Waste Your Money!!!


While money and finances are of utmost importance to me, my health and well being are a bigger priority.  Before becoming a mommy, I worked as a high school teacher – a job I found incredibly stressful, unfulfilling and dull.  The long hours, long commute and general dissatisfaction that came along with the job, did nothing but pile the pounds on.  

When I first moved in with my husband, I actually quit my teaching gig, moved cities and started grad. school.  Over the course of a year, studying or working in different industries, I easily lost 30 pounds.  Then, money was tight, so I accepted another teaching opportunity.  Within in 3 months, those 30 pounds cametright back on.

So, with those added 30 pounds, add another 38 gained during pregnancy and another 5 while working before getting pregnant and you can see I am in desperate need of losing some more weight – but the question is how?  I had good success with Weight Watchers in the past, and I really like the simplicity of the program, but around New Years I received an email from The Biggest Loser Club offering a year membership for just $99.  A big fan of the show, I read some online reviews of the program, and thought I’d give it a try instead of Weight Watchers – big mistake!


I’m not totally sure what the regular price of the program is, but I feel swindled paying $99USD for it.  The program is basically a glorified calorie counter.  The online forum is seriously lacking and the site is very basic.  Go over to and get a better program for free.

One thing I do like about the program is the fitness aspect.  The site develops an exercise plan for you and then actually posts videos of the workouts you should do each day.  I like this, though I could have easily visited youtube for some daily workouts at no cost.  Still, it is one of the highlights of the program.

Another nice thing about The Biggest Loser Club is that they do meal plan for you, and you can make substitutions.  However, the program does not automatically calculate and convert substitutions for you, so you have to figure it out yourself anyways.  

Along with the meal plan, they give you a shopping list of items you will need for the week.  You can even cross of items you already have to avoid duplication.  Watch out though – the shopping plan is not healthy for your wallet!  One week’s worth of groceries (my list was substantially cheaper due to already having some items and many, many substitutions) cost me $115!  Fortunately, I had $100 in Airmiles Cash that covered the bulk of it.  I will still have to pick up a few items this week.

Overall, I wish I could get a refund, as I feel this program is a BIG waste of money.  Sparkpeople will do the same thing for free.  Or, if you have some money to spare, Weight Watchers is really user friendly, with a great online community and very helpful, easy to find, resources.  I’m hoping that since I forked up the money, I will be more motivated to use and stick to the program for results.

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