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As you may remember from previous posts, I homeschool my kids.  This is an incredibly rewarding and fun experience, one that I will cherish forever.  Part of my vision of my kids learning is reading.  Lots and lots of reading.  We have a huge library of kid and adult books that cover a variety of topics and genres, and it keeps growing.  What can I say?  I love books.

About a year ago I discovered Usborne Books and was very impressed by their quality and content.  It wasn’t until I really got into the direct sales game that I came to realize that Usborne is a direct sales company and their library far exceeded the selection that I could find at Chapters and Amazon.

Since my focus was really on my Thirty-One Gifts business, I was a little intimidated by the Usborne sales requirement of $200 in the first 12 weeks.  Even though not meeting the goal simply meant that I would have to pay the difference between what I paid for the kit and its actual cost, I didn’t want to fail.

It took me several months before a kit sale came up and decided to risk it.  If all else failed, I figured it would be easy enough to buy $200 worth of books for my kids’ library (before the consultant discount).  So I joined and after sharing my new found venture on Facebook, I discovered that I had a few friends who wanted to a few titles.  So I put in an order and added some books that I wanted for my kids.  Then I had an open weekend so I decided to try selling some books at a vendor fair, and another.  And then a friend had a party and in just a few short months I made over $400 in commissions and earned a bunch of free books for my kids.

Starting Tuesday January 15th, Usborne Books is offering another kit sale!

It is a progressive 3 day sale, where you can get the kit for $24.95 on Tuesday, $34.95 on Wednesday and $44.95 on Thursday!

There is still the $200 in 12 week stipulation and to maintain consultant status, $500 in sales needs to be submitted every 6 months (there is no financial penalty if this is not met).  There are also a huge amount of freebies and discounts to be earned in the first 12 weeks to really motivate you to get your business growing!

Ready to sign up and start making money selling kids books?  Then join my team here!


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