Why I’ll NEVER Shop at Newegg.ca Again!


What a terrible and infuriating experience I had today with newegg.ca!

I will never shop there again, which is a big loss considering the vast majority of my shopping (aside from most grocery) is done online.

I really wanted to get my brothers PS4s, so I stayed up until midnight last night (not an easy feat when you have a 4 month old who averages an hour of sleep at a time) and actually found some released at that time at newegg! I was pumped! So I put in my order, waited for my confirmation, read it, and then went to bed.

This morning, the baby had an appointment about an hour and half away, so I got up, checked my email and the site to ensure all was good with the order, then went about my day. Had any error been reported, I would have headed out to a brick and mortar retailer, and stood in line for it (or I would have sent the hubby to)!

So imagine my surprise, anger, and blatant outrage when I got home at about 4pm to find out that newegg had cancelled my order, and since they had cancelled it, they did not permit re-submission of the order. Of course, by this time the consoles I had ordered were resold and the site had non-left, so I couldn’t even put in a new order..

I immediately called the company and spoke to a customer service agent who was quite pleasant and tried her best to figure out what was wrong. After being put on hold numerous times for her to consult with management, she informed me that they couldn’t figure out what happened and apologized.

While she did all she could, it still wasn’t enough and I asked to speak with a manager. With the manager I was much more firm and assertive, as I believe it is unfair to be anything but polite to front line workers – they only get paid minimum wage or slightly more at best, which is not enough to put up with angry customers.

The manager looked into the situation and again came up short as to why the order was cancelled. He mused that it had to do with the verification department finding a discrepancy between my credit card information and the information on file with the bank. This is the same card I use daily to shop online and the exact same auto-filled information.

Regardless, the most he could do was write a memo to the Verification Department, and if the information matched, I would get the systems at the same price I had originally purchased them for… when they got the systems in stock again.

So I guess I’m supposed to wait and hope the same (or some other) error wouldn’t happen!

This is completely substandard service and as result I told them to forget it and I would hope to get them on the next release date elsewhere.

Considering how much I purchase online, they have lost a considerable profit, and I’m ticked for the terrible service and not getting the system on release day!

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