10 Ways to Earn with GiftHulk

It’s no secret that I love Swagbucks and make some decent pocket change from the program each month.  But, I also use many other reward programs to help ease the expenses of everyday life and/or to let me indulge without guilt once and a while!

One of my new favourites is GiftHulk.  It runs much like Swagbucks, with many opportunities to earn and great rewards to redeem for.

Here’s my favourite ways to earn with GiftHulk:

1. Guess the Card – This is a really fun game to play (at least I think it is!)  There are 3 different versions you can choose from and each uses a standard playing card deck for its game:
   1. Guess the Card – you make a prediction of what card will be drawn, and  
   then if you’re right, you get 50 Hulk Coins!
   2. Guess the Rank – you predict the face number or royal figure on the  
   card, and if you’re right, you get 10 Hulk Coins!
   3. Guess the Suit – you guess what suit will be drawn, and if you’re right, 
   you get 4 Hulk Coins!

The amount of chips you get to play the game depends on your rank, which is reflected by the number of Hulk Coins you have earned or the number of referrals you have made.

While you are playing you might also win boosts, which increase the amount of coins you receive for completing various tasks by a certain percentage; or Fountain of Youth Codes (see #2).

2. Fountain of Youth Codes – These codes randomly pop up while playing Guess the Card.  Each code has a different value and can be redeemed by yourself and others.  Check out the GiftHulk Facebook page as people will often share their codes there.

3. Surveys – I’m a survey junkie.  It’s as simple as that.  I love getting paid to share my thoughts, all from the comfort of my bed while watching tv.  Sure, it doesn’t pay a lot, but who cares?  I do surveys while watching tv!  There are a number of different survey dashboards on GiftHulk and each time you are disqualified from the survey, you still get 10 Hulk Coins.

4. Survey Check-In – Each day you can ‘check in’ with the main survey page and receive 5 Hulk Coins, just for clicking ‘check in’!

5. Survey Progress Bar – Every time you are disqualified from a survey, you get a check in the Survey Progress Bar (found on the main survey page).  After 10 checks, you get a bonus 25 Hulk Coins (on top of the 100 you received for being disqualified (10 surveys at 10 disqualified coins))

6. GIftHulk TV – I check out the tv offerings each day.  While Swagbucks has hundreds of videos to watch and be rewarded for, GiftHulk usually only has a few each day.  When you watch 5 videos, you get 25 Hulk Coins.

7. Tasks – There are 2 task sources on Gift Hulk:
    1. Gift Hulk itself – here you get Hulk Coins for completing various 
     promotional tasks (writing blog entries, creating Youtube videos, creating a
    forum thread).  Each task has a different value and criteria.
    2. Crowdflower – here you complete tasks typically surrounding website
    evaluations.  Again, each task has a different value and completion criteria.

8. EZCoins – This is very similar to Swagbuck’s Special Offers, where you
    receive Hulk Coins for completing different companies offers.  Each offer
    has a different reward value and completion criteria.

9. Apps – If you have a mobile device, Gift Hulk will reward you with Coins 
    each time you download and/or engage with various apps.  Each app has 
    a different value and completion criteria.

10. Referrals – Every time you refer someone, you get 100 Hulk Coins.  When your referral earns 1000 Hulk Coins, you get an additional 500 Hulk Coins on top of the 100 Hulk Coins for signing up (Feel free to use my referral link here, if you’d like to join!)

Overall, this is another great way to get some great gift cards or fill up your Paypal account.  Redemptions start at 5000 Hulk Coins, which is worth a $5 gift card/Paypal deposit.

If you haven’t joined Gift Hulk yet, join here and start earning today!

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