$10.19 for a $15 Amazon Gift Card

I am just starting up a new blog on something unrelated to frugal living and bringing in extra cash, and last night went over to godaddy to get a new domain.

Being the moneysavvy person that I am, I of course checked out ebates, greatcanadianrebates and swagbucks to see which site would give me the best return on my purchase.

Fortunately I remembered that swagbucks had a special promo offer for new godaddy registrants and searched around to find 2 different offers:

1. Get 1575 swagbucks when you open a new account and spend $7 or more– under the main swagbucks page that also shows your daily goal and points for the day

2. Get 1495 swagbucks when you open a new account and spend $7 or more – under the ‘Sponsor Pay’ tab in ‘Special Offers’ under ‘Discover’.

You can get a domain for just $9.99 on goddady, which works out to $10.19 after taxes. Remember that 450 swagbucks gets you a $5 amazon gift card, and 500 swagbucks gets you an electronic gift card to a number of other retailers – so you pay $10.19, get a domain AND 1575 swagbucks (I don’t know why you would sign up for the lower one), which is worth $15 and will leave you a few extra swagbucks towards your next gift card!

Even if you don’t need a domain, this is still an awesome deal. The $9.99 you pay gives you the domain for a year, so you can easily turn around and sell it in a few months, letting you make even more!

You do need to be a member of swagbucks to take advantage of this awesome deal, so sign up here!

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