Gift ideas for frugal people

15 Best Gifts for Your Frugal Friend

Gifts for frugal people

The holidays are such a fun time for giving and receiving gifts!  There are so many great ways to cut on costs, take advantage of deals and save on gifts for others.  But what about your frugal friend who loves to save?  What do you get her?  Well if you’re stumped, here’s a list of great items that will be sure to please the saver in your life!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Save Your Way Clutch

If the saver in your life is a couponer, then the Save Your Way Clutch from Thirty-One Gifts is an item that is sure to please.  With five divided compartments, your couponer can organize her coupons in a stylish, fun way!  Plus, it comes with five Save Your Way Inserts which she can use to track spending, sales, or best prices (can also be used for the envelope saving system).  Since it zips up, there’s no worry about coupons falling out and a handy d-ring allows for adding a wristlet to take it on the go!

Get the Save Your Way Clutch Here.

Computer Paper

Seriously.  So many coupon providers have switched over to printed coupons to cut their costs, your couponing friend is using a whole lot of paper to print off her coupons.  She will be absolutely thrilled to get a stack of good old fashion computer paper to print off her future savings!

Get Computer Paper Here

And on that note:


Brother MFC-J4320DW

Ya, there’s a whole lot of printing going on in your friend’s house and she may just need a second printer to keep up (or to replace her old one that’s about to kick the dust)!  I personally use the Brother MFC-J4320DW because the no-name ink refills are super affordable!  Want to really make her gift special?  Add a package of the refillable ink, saving her money and letting her print more!

Get the Brother MFC-J4320DW Here

Get the refills here

Local Newspaper Subscription

Even though many coupons are being moved online, there are still quite a few that can be found in the local paper.  As more and more small town free papers are being made obsolete, a subscription to one of the big guys (i.e. Toronto Star, Hamilton Spectator, etc.) will have the potential to drop off a coupon booklet every couple of weeks.  Your friend will be reminded of your generous spirit each time she opens a paper and will of course be delighted on the weeks with coupon inserts!

All About The Benjamins

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous wallet with room for all of those store discount cards?  If your friend is a saver, she undoubtedly has a few store loyalty cards with her on each shopping trip (unless of course she uses a digital wallet).  So why not get her a stylish, functional, large wallet with room for all those cards, cash and coins?  Add a pack of the Save Your Way Inserts if she’s on a cash diet, to help her organize her spending and keep her funds allocated wherever she goes.

Get The All About The Benjamins here

Get Save Your Way Inserts here

Reusable Shopping Bags

Your savvy saving friend definitely needs some resuable bags.  Not only are the wonderful for the obvious environmentally friendly reasons, but also because they save money.  No more paying for bags that simply pollute landfills anymore!  With a reusable shopping bag, you’ll be giving the gift of savings and a better future.

Check out the great selection of quality, durable and fashionable bags offered by Thirty-One Gifts (I strongly recommend the Essential Storage Tote, The Large Utility Tote and the Fresh Market Thermal – the bags that come with me on ever trip!)

Paper Cutter

You know that Newspaper subscription filled with coupon inserts?  Your friend is going to need a fast and easy way to cut through all her new coupons!  A simple paper cutter is a great way to speed up the time your friend spends cutting coupons, giving her more time to organize and shop!

Get Paper Cutters here

Happy Planner Budget Expansion

I LOVE my Happy Planner, like I have an unhealthy attachment to it.  I guess I love all planners and calendars.  Even though I am one of the most disorganized people you will ever meet (oh and I’m late for everything) I still have a thing about planners.   I think I like the illusion of being one of those people who are always put together.  What can I say, I look good on paper!  But I digress, the Happy Planner Budget Expansion is by far one of my favourite budgeting pages ever.  Each page is nicely organized, and while they give you a template, it is easy to personalize to track individual budgeting needs.

Get the Happy Planner Budget Expansion Here

Get the Happy Planner Here

Zipper Binder

While I absolutely love my Save Your Way Clutch for organizing my frequently used and free stuff coupons, I still need more storage for all the coupon over flow.  What can I say?  I have a lot of coupons!  My absolute favourite way to organize my extra coupons is in a binder.  I highly recommend one with a zipper simply to keep them from falling out all over the floor of the local Walmart (of course, that’s never happened to me…ha!)  Even if your friend already has a binder, if she’s a hardcore couponer a second one will be most welcomed simply for helping her stay better organized!

Get Zipper Binders Here

Binder Inserts

Of course, if your friend has or needs a binder, she’s also going to need binder inserts to hold her coupons.  Personally, I use baseball card sleeves for most of my coupons and also have a few photo sleeves for the coupons that are too big for baseball card sleeves.  These have been invaluable for organizing my coupon collection.  The clear covers make finding coupons quick and easy and of course, snapping into a three ring binder really helps keep things organized!

Get Baseball Card Sleeves Here

Get Photo Sleeves Here


Notice how many of these items have to do with organization?  Well that’s because often with couponing comes stock piling.  A stock pile is the accumulation of items that people have collected over time at discounts or for free.  As time goes on, stock piles can grow or shrink.  Nevertheless, couponers often end up with a lot of extra items that need to be stored somewhere.  This is where  shelving comes in handy, since it simply creates organized space for your friend’s new collections.  I have stock piles all over my house, and have downsized my pile simply because of kids.  But, in my couponing prime, I had walls of food, cleaning supplies and toiletries that I had collected with coupons and loved having them on shelves to quickly grab and go when I need the item.

Check out some great shelves here

Dryer Balls

While your friend may have some great coupons for fabric softener, dryer balls are a great gift for your frugal-money-saving friend.  Much like reusable bags, dryer balls are a great way to reduce waste and help reduce our individual footprints, while still making our clothes dry and soft.  A pair of dryer balls are great for a stocking or under the tree!

Get Dryer Balls Here


Sure, there are coupons out there for fruits and vegetables, but there’s nothing quite like produce right from the garden!  Help your frugal friend save money and enjoy time outside with a package of seeds (or two)!  You can also pick up indoor seed kits, so your friend can grow right indoors – perfect for those who don’t like the outdoors or who don’t have access to a garden area!

Find seeds for your friend’s favourite foods here

Novelty Mugs

Do you have a fun sense of humour and just want to give your friend something different?  Why not grab a funny mug that shows off your friend’s love of coupons?  She’ll love having it for drinking all her discount coffee and tea!

Check out some great novelty mugs here

Gift Cards

In all honesty, this could be one of the best gifts to give your frugal friend, and there’s a few different ways to go about it.  You could buy her a gift card to spoil herself with a lavish meal or relaxing spa; or, you could buy her a gift card to one of her favourite coupon spots so she can have fun with all the extra savings!  Either way, this is a great way to spoil your frugal friend as she gets to spend free money (and who doesn’t love that?)!

Save on gift cards here


So my frugal friends, what are some of your favourite gifts to give and receive?



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