300 Bonus SB ($3) When You Join Swagbucks or Refer!

Swagbucks is my old faithful when it comes to making extra money online and I’m definitely loving this promo for new Swaggernuts!

For new members, until the end of August, you will get a bonus 300 Swagbucks (worth $3) when you earn 300 Swagbucks.  This is a great promo since earning 300 Swagucks in 19 days is pretty easy!  Check out how I earn Swagbucks here!

For existing members: invite your friends to Swagbucks in August and if by August 31st they earn 300 Swagbucks (and get their bonus), then you get a bonus 300 Swagbucks – on top of the 10% you get for the referral!

This is definitely a great time to be a Swaggernut!

Not a member of Swagbucks yet?  Join here and start earning for free!

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