A Baby Must Have – The Miracle Blanket Review


When Nathaniel was born, he was quite content with being swaddled in a simple receiving blanket.  This lasted about a week, then all hell broke loose when we tried to swaddle him again.  He would scream, cry, kick loose and lose more sleep than we had expected (a sure fire lesson that the expression “sleep like a baby” is an exaggeration!

Anyways, after much discussion with friends and reading about sleep, I kept hearing about how useful swaddles are for keeping baby asleep longer, which means more sleep for me!  So, with the advice of friends and the internet I decided to give the Miracle Blanket a try.  And what can I say?  It lives up to its name!  It truly is a MIRACLE!

The blanket is easy to use and lightweight, so baby can still wear a sleeper or onesie underneath.  Nathaniel went from waking every hour or two, to sleeping four hours of sleep!  Then, after a few weeks, those four hours have turned into six! 

It could be argued that the longer sleep sessions were the result of my guy getting older, however, there is one important thing to note: The tightness of the blanket!

As I said before, my guy went from one to two hours of consecutive sleep to four.  Well, this only lasted about 4 days, then he started kicking out of the blanket, hitting himself in the face and waking up every hour or two again.  I was ready to cry.  Then a friend told me to tighten it up.  

So I decided to give it one more try, but to make it super tight.  And guess what?  6 hours and 45 minutes of straight sleep!  

This blanket is definitely worth the price, just make sure it’s tight enough to keep your little one secure!  

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