Another Great Canadian Survey Site



It’s pretty obvious that you won’t get rich answering surveys, but it is a handy way to earn some extra cash.

Legerweb is another great FREE survey site that I personally use and love, for earning some extra cash!

The surveys are pretty quick and easy, and you can choose to receive cash or airmiles for each survey completed.  The best part is, you can do one survey and choose cash, then do another and choose airmiles – the choice is yours!  

Each survey you complete also gives you ‘chances’ to win in a monthly draw., held the first Tuesday of each month.  The prizes are: 2 prizes of $1000, 1 prize of $100 and 1 iPad®!

*You do have to earn $20 cash before being able to ‘cash’ out.  You will receive payment by a cheque mailed out to you*

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