March Goal Recap

Lose 2lbs a week by December 31 2014NOT ON TRACK– This month was an epic failure in this category. I actually gained 2lbs this month – ugh! Definitely time to re-evaluate and refocus.

Put $12000 into savings by December 31 2014NOT ON TRACK– This month our basement renovation went into full swing and all our extra money went into it. Our saving goal was to pay off the basement renovation without going into debt, which looks to be doable, so the lack of savings has served its purpose this month!

Earn an extra $12000 by December 31 2014ON TRACK– Outside of regular income, we brought in an extra $2140.88, although the vast majority of that was from our tax return, it still means success in this category!

Start a daycare in September 2014ON TRACK– Basement renovation is in full swing and should be done by end of April! I’ve also picked up a number of activities and started to plan out my advertising campaign and policies.

Read a book a month by December 2014ON TRACK– I finally finished The Twelve Tribes of Hattie and even though it took me 3 months, it was not due to lack of interest. The book was absolutely amazing and I will be posting a review soon!

Finish the basement by August 2014ON TRACK– Walls, electrical and plumbing is all done! Ceiling is being finished tomorrow and then we will paint on the weekend. From there, it will just be floors, cabinets, baseboards, doors and frames! We are hoping and planning for it to be done by the end of April.

Plant a fruit/vegetable garden in spring 2014ON TRACK– Like last month, I’ve been busy pinning gardening ideas and have started drawing out some ideas.

March has been bitter sweet. The basement renovations are key to opening my business in the fall and they are coming along so well. However, the chaos has led to a lot of stress eating, anxiety and a definite bank account drain.  

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