Chalk Couture is Coming to Canada

Chalk Couture is now in Canada!!!

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Chalk Couture Canada

Chalk Couture is a popular American Direct Sales Company where consultants sell  supplies and patterns for easy diy chalk paint crafts!  There are so many great templates, paints and canvases to make for fun make-night parties and just fun creating.

So I am super excited about Chalk Couture‘s upcoming arrival in Canada!  I have a Cricut and have a lot of fun with it.  But the software is pretty slow and not very user friendly, and it can be rather tedious to use.  So I am super excited about Chalk Couture since it is so much easier!  In all honesty, I will still use my Cricut to make custom patterns, but am very excited about their paints for finishing products instead of vinyl!Chalk Couture Sign

The Direct Sales industry is a booming business.  Millions of people are members of one or more company on a part-time or full-time (or just want the discount) level.  This industry offers people support and comradery to make extra money on the side.

I’m a big fan of Direct Sales and if you look at my extra income report you can see that I am a member of a few.  All of them I joined just to get a discount on products I love, but still make a bit of extra money when friends or family want something.  I also frequently do vendor events with Thirty-One Gifts, since it gives me a profitable chance to get out of the house, meet new people and just have time to myself.

While it is possible to be successful in Direct Sales regardless of the time you join, those who get in on the ground floor and start building their business typically fair pretty well.  This is because they are introducing the product to a new audience and will have more excited customers and will be better able to build a team with the novelty of the product.Chalk Couture Pillow

Chalk Couture definitely will excite Canadian customers, just as people in the US are loving them!  If you decide to run parties, then you have the entertainment right on hand!  Or even if you just want to get crafty with your bad self, you’ll get great discounts on products that are easy to use.

As a Chalk Couture representative you earn 40% commission on wholesale orders (products that you order and keep in stock) and 25% on online orders that are shipped directly from Chalk Couture to customers.  Plus with every 200 PV you generate each month, you get $20 in Design Dollars that you can use for hostess rewards or to splurge on yourself!

What are you waiting for?!?!

Pre-register for Chalk Couture Canada here using sponsor ID CAD278358 to get in on the ground level of this exciting business!



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