Coin Out Review – Get Paid for Your Receipts

Earn money by taking pictures of any receipt with Coin Out!

get paid to upload receipts

As you scroll through Facebook, you keep seeing ads for Coin Out in your favourite buy and sell group feeds.  The ads are all the same and with their over abundance of emojiis and different fonts, you can’t help but wonder “is Coin Out a Scam?”  I thought the same thing and decided to give it a try and see if it actually pays (spoiler alert: it does!).  Learn all about this app in this Coin Out Review!

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed when many of my favourite receipt scanning sites went down.  Sure, Checkout51 and Caddle are still great, but I always enjoyed the apps that let you load random receipts without the need for specific purchases.  Of course, the receipts with specific purchases typically pay out more, but quick and easy scans are a good way to build up some extra cash.

And well, quick and easy scans are a big part of what Coin Out is all about!

How to Earn With Coin Out

There are multiple ways to earn with Coin Out, and you can choose one type of activity or a combination!  Obviously, a combination will get you paid faster, but either way is still a route to extra cash

Upload Receipts

Each day you have the opportunity to upload a random amount of receipts (the total varies from day-to-day).  You never know how many you can upload for the day and you don’t know how much you will be paid for each receipt.  So far, I have made everywhere from 1 cent to 10.  Of course 1 cent doesn’t seem like much, but taking a minute to take a picture of a receipt isn’t that big of an inconvenience and those pennies do add up quickly.

Taking the picture is pretty easy, but since you can only take one picture it may require a bit of fore thought with longer receipts.  When it comes to long receipts, simply folding them up so that the most important information (date, store name, total bill amount, and receipt line with prices) is visible.  Then take a pic!

Forward Online Receipts

One of the elements of this app that makes it a bit more special is that you can get credit for online shopping!  Simply do your normal online shopping and when you receive your digital receipt, you can forward it to Coin Out! As a little side note: the receipt has to be sent the day the purchase is made.  Nevertheless, this is the first app that I’ve found (so far) that credits you for online receipts!  How awesome is that?

Shop Online

You can also shop online at one of Coin Out’s partners through the app to earn cashback.  Instead of receiving a random amount of coins, you will be informed of the cashback value before shopping (much like Ebates or Swagbucks).  With a huge selection of popular stores, this is a great way to quickly and easily bump up your account balance for a bigger payout.  Don’t forget to forward your receipt for even more coins!


When you click on the “Coupons” button in the app, you will be taken to a number of other ways to earn (most do not actually include coupons).  It’s a good idea to check this tab frequently as the offers are always changing and they can include bonuses or contest entries for shopping at certain brick and mortar or online stores.


Right now for each person that you refer to Coin Out (available for Canadians and Americans), you get 75 cents!  Referring people is super easy with the personal link that is generated for you.  Of course, feel free to help a blogger out and use my link here!


Each week new badges are uploaded on the app.  They are individualized for each user, and give bonuses for completing certain tasks.  They are right on the home screen when you login, for your quick and easy reference.

Getting Paid

So you have read all the great ways that you can get paid, but are now wondering how payment works.  Once you have earned the amount that you want to cash out, simply click on the orange circle with a money sign inside, in the top right corner of the page.  Once there you will have the option of cashing out to an gift card, your bank account or PayPal.  There is no minimum amount of earnings, which is awesome.  I wanted to test how checkout would go and did my first withdrawal at just $3.82!  I chose an Amazon gift card, which I received soon after for the full $3.82!  As an added bonus, the payments are in USD, which is very handy with the current exchange rate!

At the time of writing, rewards can be paid out in your choice of: Gift Card (no minimum)

Direct Bank Deposit (no minimum)

Paypal (minimum $10)


This app is beyond easy to use and you can quickly accumulate money that can be quickly cashed out!

Download it here and start uploading receipts right away!



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    1. Thanks for the feedback! Coin out is awesome and easy to use! Definitely one I highly recommend 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you found the site useful and you’re most welcome back anytime 🙂

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