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Data Entry with Residual Income Opportunity

Get paid a residual income with Kidazzler when a company you lock in, subscribes to an advertising plan.

Is Kidazzler a scam? Or is Kidazzler legit?

Typically I don’t share any opportunities on here until I have received a pay out from them.  This is simply because I want to make sure that everything I share is legitimate and that it works.

Kidazzler is going to be an exception to that general rule.  Simply because it is in its pre-launch stage, and at a time where it’s open to make money.

What is Kidazzler?

Kidazzler is a site that is will be going live in August 2019.  It is dubbing itself the ultimate parents’ database and resource for Canadians and Americans.

The site will be a directory of every kid focused business, service, activity, merchant that exists in Canada and the United States.  Making it a one-stop resource for parents to find what they need for their kids.

One of the best things about the site (aside from being such an amazing resource) is that there is currently an amazing money making opportunity available on Kidazzler.

Kidazzler is a site by parents for parents, and as parents themselves, the creators of Kidazzler understand the costs involved with raising children.  Thus, they decided to create Kidazzler as not only a resource, but also a money making opportunity for American and Canadian parents.

In short, they are recruiting Canadians and Americans over the age of 18 to help them compile the Kidazzler database and compensating contributors in a Shared Revenue Model.

How To Make Money with Kidazzler:

To participate in the Shared Revenue Model, simply join Kidazzler (by invitation only) and begin locking in businesses.

At the time of writing, each member can add 65 businesses.  However, on  the 15th of each month, each member can lock in an additional 5 businesses.

Each business must be unique and not yet ‘locked in’.  This means, that the particular business’ information cannot have already been uploaded to the site by another member.

Once you input the business’ contact information, the business is ‘locked’ to you.  Meaning that you will get a share of any advertising package that they purchase.

Earning Potential:

Each business that you lock in and purchases advertising on the Kidazzler platform becomes an Advertising Member.  Once the locked in business becomes an Advertising Member, payments begin and continue until the Advertising Member discontinues their service.  The amount paid depends on the package purchased, but it seems as though the minimum is $10 per month.

While there is a limit to the amount of businesses an individual can lock in, there is no limit to the number of people that they refer.

When you refer other members and they lock in a business, your name gets attached to that business too.  This means that you also get a portion of the advertising profits made by the business that your referrals lock in.

How to Lock in  a Business

My favourite part of Kidazzler is just how easy it is to lock in businesses.

To lock in a business, simply log into your account and click on ‘Add Business’.

Then, simply fill out the boxes for the business’:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Address

That’s it!

Once you input the business’ name, phone number and address, there will be boxes to add the business’ email and website.  While this information is optional, businesses that have that extra contact information (especially email addresses) will have a faster turn around, meaning you will start making money sooner!

Check out how easy it is to add businesses here:

Businesses Kidazzler Is Looking For:

Kidazzler’s goal is to become the number 1 directory of all things kid related.  As a result, Kidazzler is looking for business that have products or service aimed towards children for their database.

According to their site, the trending categories include:

  • Restaurants
  • Kids Activities
  • Childcare/Daycares
  • Events & Parties
  • Family Fun Locations
  • Camps/Classes
  • Doctors/Dentists
  • Barbershops/Salons
  • Museums/Amusement Parks

Pretty much any business you can think of that offers something for children, will fit!

Payment Options for Kidazzler

Getting paid by Kidazzler is super easy!  All that is needed is either a PayPal or a Venmo account.

Once a company that you have locked in signs up for advertising on the Kidazzler site, you begin getting paid.  The initial payment will be processed the month after the business becomes an Advertising member and payments are made monthly for as long as that particular company continues its advertising.

More payment options will be coming in the future, giving members as many choices as possible.

Extra Tips

Kidazzler has been around for a few months now and has a number of members.  This means that there are thousands of businesses that have been input into their system.

Of course, it is still new and relatively unheard of, which means that there is still a lot of opportunity.

Here are a few things I noticed to increase earnings:

Think Outside of the Box

When I first started uploading businesses, I found that most categories I thought of off the top of my head (i.e. kids clothing stores, craft stores, toy stores, indoor playgrounds, daycares, tutoring companies, etc.) had already been locked in by other members.

At first, this was pretty discouraging, but then I thought of my prenatal chiropractor who focuses on pregnancy, post-partum and baby treatments.  I plugged her number into the system and say that she wasn’t locked in.

So I quickly typed chiropractor into a google map search and pulled up all of the chiropractors in the general area.  None of them were entered.

Then I thought of other specialty services for children, and found that many osteopaths, orthodontists, dentists and optometrists had not yet been locked in.

All of these professions, while specialized, also want to get their names out there and will often happily pay for advertising.

So when it comes to thinking of businesses, try and think a little outside of the box and of companies that will likely be willing to buy advertising spots.

Add Email Addresses

According to the Kidazzler Elite Facebook page, companies with the email addresses put in at lock in time are getting contacted first.  While inputting email addresses is option, taking the extra few seconds to find and cut and paste it into the form will speed up Kidazzler‘s contact process.

The sooner Kidazzler brings a company you locked in on board, the sooner you start making money.

Share the Opportunity

Once you fill in your allotted businesses, share the opportunity with others.  You will earn a portion of each advertising plan purchased by the businesses your referral locks in.

Multiple household accounts are permitted, but only one account per person.  This means that spouses and any other adults living in the same home can all have an account!

Learn just how easy it is to refer people here:

Come Back Monthly

On the 15th of each month, Kidazzler opens 5 more business spaces for members.  The reason for this is that they want to insure as many people get the chance to earn without just a few going through and adding all of the businesses.

Remember, the more businesses you lock in, the more earning potential you have!

Ready to Join

Joining Kidazzler is by invitation only right now.

Click here to join Kidazzler and start locking in companies and setting up your future payouts!

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