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Did you realize there are a bunch of ways to earn extra cash in Canada? Tack on the savings from coupons and apps, and you can find your wallet getting fatter month by month! Here’s the scoop on how a stay-at-home Canadian mom pocketed over $32,000 in 2023.

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Another year has come and gone and so have several months of this new year!

2023 sure took us on a ride!  The year began with my youngest son breaking his leg and ended with me going back to work full time for the first time in a decade!

There have been many changes in the moneysavvy household and mostly from me entering the workforce and my youngest two heading off to school.  It has been challenging to balance being a mom, with working a full time and still trying to bring in extra money each month!  Yet, I’m not giving up!

I am blown away by my extra cash in 2023!  After all was said and done, I ended up with $32,594.02 in combined extra earnings and savings for the year!  Wowzers!  A big part of this was thanks to the Temu app and all the free stuff I got from it!

2024 will be a little different, yet I am tempted to give myself a $30,000 goal again.  To begin with, I have gone back to work and on most days I get up at 6am and go until 11pm, which does not leave me much time for actively making money on the side and searching for deals.

The next thing is that the newspaper delivery job we had for almost ten years was made obsolete.  This has been a big blow to our extra earnings and the main reason I had to go back to work.  Without this significant extra money maker, I’m not sure how I’ll meet my goal.  Nevertheless, I am going to put it into the universe and welcome whatever flows in!

Wondering where my extra money in 2023 came from?  Here’s the breakdown:

$20,736.63 – Newspaper Delivery
$2983.96 – Temu
$1991.27 – Credit Card Cashback
$1462.74- Coupons
$810 – PC Optimum
$600 – Swagbucks
$440 – Facebook Marketplace
$398.29 – Triangle Rewards
$398 – Lottery Winnings
$359.17 – Uber Eats Promos
$251.57 – FlashFood
$243.09 – Blogging
$237.86 – Restaurant Apps
$188.72- Store Rewards
$158 – Garage Sale
$143.59 – Chumba Casino
$125 – Eclipsa
$100 – Airmiles
$83.81 – Good Food Promos
$82 – Kijiji Sales
$74.36 – Too Good to Go
$71.05 – TimeBucks
$65.77 – Avon
$42.52 – CAA Discounts
$41.41 – Poshmark (use promo code spanishpoet for a $15 coupon)
$40.68 – Once Upon a Child
$40 – Reciept Jar (use promo code ELENFW4WP  when signing up)
$40 – SBKC
$35 – Scene Points
$31.57 – KDP
$30.11 – Thirty One Gifts
$29.55 – Google Opinion Rewards
$29.25 – Treasure Trooper (USD) (site shut down)
$27.58 – Caddle
$25 – Groupon
$25 – Boston Pizza Promo (over)
$25 – Reciept Hog (use promo code breg8800 when signing up)
$20.35 – Caddle
$20 – Drop (do not sign up for this program, they no longer pay out)
$20 – Leo Surveys
$20 – Settlements
$15.06 – Paid View Points (usd)
$10 – Honey Rewards
$6.12 – Teachers Pay Teachers Sales
$5.00 – P&G Rewards
$4.45 – Skip the Dishes
$4.00 – Websaver Cashback
$1.49 – Door Dash

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