Extra Cash August 2016

The summer wrapped up with much lower earnings than normal, but I’ll blame it on the beautiful weather!

We finished August with an extra $389.19

Here’s where it came from:
$14.77- Coupons
$25 – Swagbucks
$20 – PC Points
$87.64 – Newspapers
$4 – Lotto
$20 – SBKC
$20 – Treasure Trooper
$10 – Iposis
$50 – Aeroplan (mostly earned from Asking Canadians)
$8.12 – Prolific Academic
$10 – Kellogg’s Cash for Gas
$49.60 – PointsPanel
$50 – Huggies Rewards

0 thoughts on “Extra Cash August 2016

  1. I’m just getting caught up on your story and looking forward to reading more.
    I’ve read a lot of negative things about “Asking Canadians” (getting locked out, poor compensation and extended periods of time to “get paid”). What has been your experience?
    Are there any survey companies that you would recommend for Canadians?
    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thank you so much for reading through and offering your insights and questions 🙂
      Asking Canadians has been around for a while and they do offer me a lot of surveys. I haven’t had issues with being locked out of surveys and always get points for at least trying.
      Their payout is lower than other companies, and I think that’s because they pay through reward programs (I cash out with Aeroplan). It costs a fair bit for companies to give out reward points and programs like Aeroplan and Airmiles tend to be lower value than straight cash or gift cards.
      Because of the lower payout, I typically do not do any surveys that take longer than 15 minutes with them.
      When it comes to doing surveys, my favourite by far are:
      Swagbucks (http://tinyurl.com/j4jc7q4)
      Ipsos (http://tinyurl.com/jk5vupp)
      Legerweb (https://legerweb.com/2LNAE)
      TreasureTrooper (http://tinyurl.com/zfopxre)
      Gifthulk (http://www.gifthulk.com/invite/EF653198)
      There are so many others out there, but those 5 I consistently cash out with. Gifthulk, TreasureTrooper and Swagbucks also offer other ways to rack up earnings and help you cash out sooner too!
      You can also check out my monthly and year end reports, which list how much each program paid (http://www.moneysavvyme.ca/blog/category/monthinreview)
      *Disclaimer: the links provided are my referral links*

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