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Extra Cash Report January 2023

Did you know there’s many ways to make extra money in Canada?  Add on the money you can save using coupons and apps, and you can end up with thicker wallet each and every month!  Here’s how a stay-at-home Canadian mom ended up with over $2000 in extra money in January 2023!

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January threw so many twists and turns our way, that I’m still trying to figure out which way is up!  We had 2 separate illnesses and a broken leg in our home in  January, which left us scrambling to try and keep it together.  Here’s hoping we’re getting the difficulty for the year done and over with and that the rest of the year is smooth sailing! Despite the insanity, we still managed an extra $2031.57

Here’s how:

$1564.87– Newspaper Delivery
$107– Lottery Winnings
$90.23 – Coupon Redemptions
$58.72 – Triangle Rewards
$50 – Swagbucks
$40 – PC Optimum Points
$34.19 – Restaurant Apps
$15 – Walmart Grocery Promo
$15 – Facebook Sales
$10.2 – Avon
$10 – Airmiles
$10 – Scene
$9.10 – KDP Sales
$5 – Drop
$5 – Receipt Jar (use promo code ELENFW4WP  when signing up)
$4.45 – Skip the Dishes Promo
$2.81 – Goole Opinion Rewards

Plus I won:

2 bottles of Circle K water and a bag of Circle K chips!

What were your big earners in January?

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