Extra Cash Report – July 2023

Were you aware that there are plenty of ways to earn extra money in Canada? When you factor in the savings from using coupons and apps, you’ll be surprised how much you can boost your monthly income. Let me share my personal experience: as a stay-at-home Canadian mom, I ended up with over $5,100 in extra money in July 2023!

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Wow!  Was July ever a blurr!  We had a lot going on in the moneysavvyme household, where we were trying to squeeze in all the fun we could, visit all the people we could and just get stuff done.  July flew by and in all the kerfuffle, we had one of our best extra cash months ever – leaving us with over $5100 in combined extra earnings and savings.

A big part of this was covering other people’s paper routes while they were on holiday AND spending a bit of time each day on Temu to get lots of free stuff!  This year, Christmas is going to cost me practically nothing!

Here’s how we ended up with an extra $5139.63 in July:

$3859.73 – Newspaper Delivery
$636.75 – Temu (value of items recieved for free)
$158 – Garage Sale
$146.44 – Coupons
$70 – Kijiji Sales
$45.18 – Uber Eats Promos
$40.78 – Canadian Tire Money
$30.11 – Thirty-One Gifts
$30 – Swagbucks
$24.69 – Avon
$20 – SBKC
$20 – PC Optimum
$20 –  Optical Drive Class Action – over (follow me on Facebook where I post class action suits)
$11 – Lottery
$10 – Airmiles
$9.73 – Amazon KDP
$7.32 – Timebucks
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