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Flash Food App – Huge Grocery Discounts and Savings

Have you heard of Flash Food found in select Loblaws Banner stores?  Using an app, Flash Food connects consumers to immediately discounted and clearance items in select Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore and Zehrs stores.

is flash food app legit?

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When I first read about the Flash Food app in one of my coupon forums, I was pretty excited.  I regularly buy products on clearance (even food) to save big!  Not only does shopping clearance leave more money in my pocket, but it also helps reduce the amount of food waste produced.  Saving money and helping the environment?  SOLD!

flash food review
Real picture of some produce I bought from the Flash Food app!


Now, I’m a little late to the Flash Food party, simply because the app is only available for select Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, and Zehrs stores.  None of which are close to me.  However, I still downloaded the app and checked it once and while for offers worth the half hour drive to Real Canadian Superstore, or that would be available when visiting my parents who have a Zehrs nearby.

When that day finally came, I was pretty pleased.  The app is super easy to use and the savings were definitely worth the drive.

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What is the Flash Food App?

The Flash Food App is a Loblaws’ attempt to curve food waste and make shopping more convenient for customers.  The app allows consumers to buy surplus food items at deep discounts.  Coupons and PC Optimum points are cannot be used in conjunction with the Flash Food app.

How Does the Flash Food App Work?

The Flash Food app is pretty simple.  As products in store are marked clearance, they get uploaded into the Flash Food app.  Items can be marked clearance for a variety of reasons including (but not limited to): reaching expiration date, packaging changes, company re-branding, product discontinuation, and surplus stock. Users can then scroll through the available products and order the ones that they want right in the app!

how does flash food work?

The shopping process is simple, just point, click and pay!  When the app is opened, a map of nearby stores that have the Flash Food service appears.  Simply click on the stores that nearby and all available items will appear.  Then simply click on the items you want to buy, select the quantity and send them to your digital shopping cart.   Payment happens in the app itself, but you need to go in the store to pick up your order.

Use this Flash Food Referral Link to receive $5 in rewards after your first purchase of $0.50 or more

How To Pick Up my Flash Food Order

Once the order is received, the store will then collect the items and place them in the Flash Food fridge (located in customer service) and nearby shelves.  This makes pickup a breeze!  When you’re ready to pick up the groceries you’ve ordered, simply head over to customer service and take what you ordered out of the fridge/shelves and have the customer service person verify.  Since payment is made through the app, there is no need to pay in store.

flash food pickup customer service

Unfortunately, ,the items are not grouped together but mixed together with everyone else’s.  On my first visit, I didn’t realize this and I couldn’t figure out how to look up what I ordered.  As a result, I left one item behind (fortunately, this was easily rectified).  Finding your actual order with quantities takes a few steps, but is helpful to do if you have a memory like a goldfish…like me.

fresh food fridge deals

How To Look Up Your Order on Flash Food

To look up your order, follow these simple steps:

    • Open the app
    • Click on Your Profile (the black head in a circle in the top left corner)

how to find your flash food account

    • Click on Receipts


where to find flash food receipts

    • Click on the relevant transaction

where to find flash food transaction list

Your order details will be listed in full, which will speed up your verification and make sure nothing gets left behind!

flash food savings

How To Return Items on Flash Food

Even though additional discounts through coupons and the PC Optimum program are not available with the Flash Food app, they still have great customer service.  If you have any problems with your order, simply contact the help desk at support@flashfood.com.

When I missed a bottle of kefir from my order, I simply sent an email and was refunded in less than 24 hours.  Easy peasy.

Refer People to Flash Food

Since the Flash Food is still in beta mode, it’s not very heavily advertised.  So, Flash Food is using the power of personal connections to get more users.  Each person who signs up is giving a unique referral code.  When you share your code with others and they sign up and shop, you are rewarded!

For each person referred and signs up through your unique code, you get $7 in rewards once they make their first purchase of $0.50 or more.  For using your referral, they get $5 in rewards after their first purchase of $0.50 or more.

To find your referral code:

    • Open the app
    • Click on your profile

how to find your flash food account

    • Click on Rewards

how to find referral code in flash food app

    • Check out your referral bonus details, then click “Send Referral”

how much does flash food pay for referrals

    • Choose how you’d like to share your unique link!

ways to share your flash food referral code

    • Once someone signs up and places an order for $0.50 or more, you’ll get your bonus!
Sign up with this link to get $5 in Flash Food rewards after your first purchase of $0.50 or more!

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