Flipp – An AWESOME Money Saving App!


This past month has been absolutely insane!  With all the craziness, I haven’t had the time to put as much effort into my money saving ways, which has been causing me a bit of stress.

Fortunately, while at a family event this past weekend, my cousin-in-law told me all about this awesome app called Flipp to help save time when price matching!

Basically, Flipp loads all your local (and some not so local) flyers and then as you pursue them, you click on the various offers that you are interested in.  The clippings are then saved on a clipboard, so while shopping at stores that pricematch (Food Basics, No Frills, Real Canadian Superstore, Walmart, Target, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, FreshCo) you can simply pull out your phone and show the cashier the deal!  No more caring around a pile of flyers and trying to find items – they are all right there on your phone!

I can’t wait to get out and actually use this app!

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