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Free Extra Money Tracker

If you’ve been following my extra money journey, you know that I keep track of all the money I make from side hustles and from savings each month.  I then share my journey here, so you can see what sites are actually paying and where you can find extra money each month.

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As I was calculating my January earnings, I realized that I have never shared how I actually keep track of where my earnings and savings come from each month.

Of course it’s not necessary to keep track of the money you earn on the side each month, or how much you save using coupons, apps and the like, but it is kind of neat to reflect back and see just how much extra money you end up with at the end of each month, and the end of the year.

So I decided to share a few different options to help you keep track of your extra money each month!

Google Sheets Income Tracker

snapshot of google sheets extra money tracker

There are a few different ways to organize and track your money, but I keep track in a simple excel document.  I have a column for each month and then some basic (I am far from an excel pro) formulas that calculate my earnings each month and then again for the year.

Since it’s a pretty easy set-up, I decided to make a free open source version through Google Sheets!

So if you want to keep track of your extra money, simply click this link and make a copy of the document!  You can then start filling in where you have earned money and where you have saved money each month.  The formulas have already been tabulated, so it’s a simple fill in the blank and the program will calculate it for you!

If you’ve never used Google Sheets before, this video will explain how to fill in the form so you can easily keep track of your earnings!

Printable Income Tracker

Income and Savings tracker digital download preview - includes a calculation page, income tracker page and savings tracker page

Now, I also know that not everyone is big on technology and some want nothing to do with spreadsheets after a day at work!  I get it!

So, I made up printable income and saving trackers that you can find in my Etsy shop! (Don’t forget to shop through Swagbucks to get 2% cashback!)  These are digital downloads, so all you have to do is download them and then print!  You can print as many copies as you’d like and then store them in a cute binder or folder!  This is super handy if you have multiple money sources, as you can use as many sheets as you’d like each month.  You can also choose to only download the “Income Tracker” page and combine earnings and savings on the one page, to simplify things.  Get it here.

Soft Cover Income Tracker

lovely soft blue and purple flowers on a beige background with the text Money Tracker in cursive

Rather not print pages out and keep them together?  Would you rather have a binded, physical copy of the income tracker, so you don’t have to worry about printing?  Prefer the feel of an actual book, where everything is put together?  I got you covered!  Check out my Amazon shop, where I have a physical copy of the income tracker in book form, that you can purchase and have delivered straight to your door!  Get it on Amazon here!

However you choose to keep track of your income, feel free to follow along on my journey so you can get ideas and inspiration for making and saving more money in your life!

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