Get Paid for Participating in Academic Research 

Have you noticed that many of the conventional survey sites are focused on consumer input and reviews?

Prolific Academic stands out from the rest, as they are an academic based research site.  Prolific is a supported by Oxford Innovation and is associated with Oxford University. 

As you may recall, Oxford is located in England, which means that the payouts are in Pounds!  This offers a really awesome bonus when you convert your earnings in Paypal to the Canadian dollar!

Prolific doesn’t email out survey notifications, but rather, users have to sign onto their dashboard to see what’s available. 

Also, be sure to take the time to answer all of the profile questions.  The more pre-qualifiers that you complete, the more surveys they will be able to connect you with.

The payouts are very high on this site (even before the exchange), which means surveys typically reach their quota very quickly.  It’s a site to flip to several times a day, whenever you have a few minutes.

Of course, Prolific wants you to share their awesome earning opportunities with friends and family, and when you do, you will earn 10% of their first cash out!

Payments are made via PayPal and the threshold is just 5 Pounds.  However, if you cash out before your account reaches 20 Pounds, then you will be subject to an administration fee of up to 3.9%.

Ready to do Academic and Scientific studies, and to take advantage of the current exchange rate?  Or, want some British Pounds in your PayPal account?

Sign up for Prolific Academic here!

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