Get Paid for Surveys Sent to Your Inbox

One of the best ways to pick up some extra cash online is by doing surveys.

No, you’re not going to get rich doing them, and no, you likely won’t even make minimum wage doing them – but, if you’ve got some free time why not make a little extra money?

Since they’re not exactly Quantum Physics, you can throw on a TV show and plug away, essentially making money while you Netflix and chill!

I always check out the surveys available on Swagbucks, Gifthulk and TreasureTrooper, but I also look for surveys in my email. 

Emailed surveys are great for people who need a reminder to do surveys, or who like the convenience of being notified of when surveys are available, instead of logging onto a site.

One of the best sites that emails out surveys to Canadians  is Legerweb.

The surveys on Legerweb are typically higher paying and rarely time consuming.  They also seem to be a bit more accurate in their pre-screening process, so I almost always qualify for the surveys they send me.

Payouts from Legerweb are based on 20s.  You can choose to be paid out in Airmiles or by Cheque (but pay attention to the value of each when you receive your surveys, as sometimes you may be paid $1 for a survey or 3 airmiles – clearly not an equivalent value) once either balance reaches 20 (20 Airmiles or $20 cash).  

You can only cash out in 20 Airmiles or $20 increments, so if you have $22 in your account when you cash out, you can only get $20 and the other $2 will remain in your account until you reach $20 again.

Once you start earning and see how quickly you earn on Legerweb, you’ll want to tell your friends and family to help them earn too!  Fortunately, Legerweb thanks you for referring others with an extra $1 in your account each time someone joins and completes a survey!

So what are you waiting for?  Want money making surveys sent directly to your inbox?  Then click here to join Legerweb and start making some extra cash!  

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