Get Rewarded for Surveys with Your Favourite Reward Program

What if I were to tell you that you can build up points in popular reward programs by doing surveys? 

I’m serious!

Sure, some rewards programs send out emails to their clients and offer rewards for completing them (always a nice bonus), but there is one site that pays out specifically in reward program points. 

The program?  Asking Canadians.

As you likely deduced from the name, Asking Canadians is a Canadian based survey site that specifically wants the thoughts and opinions of everyday Canadians like you!
And, they payout in the following popular reward program points:

  1. Aeroplan
  2. HBC
  3. Petro-Points
  4. Via Preference
  5. Pure Points
  6. Or draws/contests offered by Asking Canadians

One of the coolest things is that you can switch programs whenever you want by logging into your account.  So, if you’ve been collecting Aeroplan points, but realize you only need a few more to get to the next level of your Petro-Points, just log in and switch programs!  Easy peasy!

Surveys are quite frequent with Asking Canadians, but tend to be a little long.  So, if you’ve got some time, it’s a nice way to build up your point balances. 

You also get points for simply attempting a survey!  If you attempt a survey, but do not qualify, you will still get some points for the program (I use Aeroplan, and get 5 points every time I’m disqualified).

So if you’re a member (or want to become one) of Aeroplan, HBC, Petro-Points, Via Preference, Pure Points, or just want to win stuff, join Asking Canadians and get rewarding surveys delivered right to your inbox!

Join here!

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