Goal Recap February 2015

Having spent about 2 weeks this month sick in bed, my success in achieving goals was pretty limited 🙁  Now that I’m back on my feet (quite literally), March is going to be something special!

February Goals:

1. Maintain or lose weight – Unsuccessful – I gained again this month, which was surprising considering how little I ate while sick.

2. Make $1000 on top of regular income – Unsuccessful – this month I brought in an extra $400.35, now that I’m feeling better, increasing my other income will be my main focus.

3. Pay off remaining debt – Success!  Hurray it’s gone!

4. Post daily – Unsuccessful – Sadly, this didn’t happen.  There were simply days that I slept away.  Nevertheless, I did still manage to post somewhat regularly.

5. Organize coupons – Success!  I was super surprised by this!  I managed to go through my binders and toss all expired coupons.  I even managed to start a coupon trading list!  

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