Handy Mommy Tool – Nursing Necklace


I’m not going to lie, I really dislike breastfeeding. It’s messy, uncomfortable and painful! Still, I suck it up and will continue to do it until my little guy weans himself.

Recently, my little guy has discovered the fine act of pinching. This is a great developmental milestone, but when he started to pinch my breast while feeding for fun, I got worried. Last week, my sweet monkey pinched me repeatedly in the same place so many times, that he gave me a blood blister. A couple of feedings later, he popped it and got blood everywhere.

So of course, I hit up the internet for some advice and came across nursing necklaces! Desperate, I checked a few sites to find a good deal and the best one including shipping was this one on ebay.

It didn’t take long to arrive and my little guy LOVES it! It’s big, colourful and a perfect distraction! There’s no more pinching and it’s even great to occupy him when he’s fussy in a store.

This is definitely a handy mommy helper!

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