How I Earn $15+ A Month with Swagbucks

If you’ve scrolled through this blog, you’ve likely noticed Swagbucks mentioned on more than one occasion. This is simply because it’s a great reward program that actually works!

So here’s how I earn:

1. Surveys – This is by far the biggest money earner on swagbucks. I find that I rarely qualify for the surveys under the “Paid Surveys” link in “Answer” on the toolbar, however, I can usually qualify for 1 or 2 surveys in the “Peanut Labs” link under the “Discover” tab on the toolbar. The surveys usually give 40ish swagbucks a go, but some are more and some are less. Most also give you a swagbuck, even if you don’t qualify for the survey.

2. Search – This is my #2 earner. My browser homepage is set to do a swagbucks search everytime it is opened. To do this, I went to the search function on swagbucks and did a search (I search simply to help it appear higher in search results and bring more traffic) and saved the search results page as my homepage. Now, whenever I open my browser or click the home icon, I do a swagbucks search and have a chance to win!

3. WatchSwagbucks gives 3 swagbucks for every 10 videos you watch. The videos are short and it’s a great way to build up some points. You do need to click on the next video once your status bar has gone up, which can be a bit of a pain, but it’s not that difficult. I always have a tab open on my browser with videos playing and then do other things in other windows, switching back and forth.

4. NOSO – The No Obligation Special Offer task is easy to complete and takes less than 30 seconds. All you do is go to your swagbucks homepage, and click on NOSO found under your daily goal, in the to-do list. Click on it, and then click through the offers. You get 2 swagbucks daily for doing this.

5. Daily Poll – You get 1 swagbuck for completing the daily poll each day. The daily question is usually what your preference for something is. It takes a couple of seconds and voila – a point each day!

6. Meet the Daily Goal – The daily goal fluctates depending on your activity on previous days. I always try to meet my goal simply because it gives you about 10% of your total daily accumulation back and then you get bonuses for going on streaks of 7 day incriments.

7. Swagcodes – There is usually a Swagcode released everyday at some point, and often more. I pop over to every once and a while as they publish codes as they are released. Moneysavvyme also posts when we notice a live one.

8. Read – This section is awesome! Basically you get swagbucks for checking out new books. Many of the ones posted are from indie authors and have great stories! Sometimes you will be required to read an excerpt or watch a video and points awarded depend on the book and action. You can find the ‘Read’ section under ‘Discover’ in the toolbar.

9. Sponsor Pay – You can find the ‘Sponsor Pay’ section under the ‘Special Offers’ link in the ‘Discover’ tab. Here, you will be awarded swagbucks for participating in companies’ advertising efforts. Some of the tasks I have received points for include: signing up for coupons, watching videos, playing games and liking company Facebook pages. Points vary depending on the company and action.

10. Coupons – Yup, I love coupons and I especially love getting swagbucks for couponing! You can find the coupons under the ‘Discover’ section and get 1 swagbuck for each coupon you print. Be careful though, they threaten to block accounts that simply print without redeeming.

11. Referrals – Just like many other programs, I benefit when people sign up under me. With swagbucks, you earn 10% of your referral’s earnings for life! Typically they pay out as the person earns, which is always helpful when trying to get over the last bump!  So feel free to join here and help a blogger out!

12. Shop – When ebates and greatcanadianrebates aren’t doing bonus events, swagbucks tends to give the best point conversion when shopping. I do most of my shopping through swagbucks, which is awesome since I just redeem for gift cards and then do more shopping! Keep in mind that it usually takes about a month for swagbucks to be credited from shops.

13. Team Challenges – Quite often swagbucks runs team challenges that you can choose to participate in. Basically, you agree to participate and then are assigned a team. Typically if you earn at least 1 swagbuck during the challenge, you get a part of the team’s winnings. Top point accumulaters get special bonuses and teams are awarded swagbucks based on their final ranking.

14. Discover Offers – These are typically videos that you find on your swagbucks homepage. They are invitations to watch specific videos and are always a red box with a white play button inside. Usually they are worth 1 or 2 swagbucks, and I find that new ones pop up after you refresh the page.

15. ContestsSwagbucks has hourly random winners on their twitter page and offer various other contests throughout the day. I have yet to win anything, but enter all the time anyways – just in case!

So those are the 15 things I do on a Swagbucks on a regular basis which typically brings in $20ish in amazon gift cards each month. There are many other ways to earn including playing games, listening to music and other video streaming apps, but I find I don’t earn as much in those categories and/or am not interested enough to participate.

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