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How to Earn Money Playing Video Games

Looking to make money for playing games on your phone?  Fortunately, there are many programs that will pay you to play games on your phone in Canada!

How to make money on my phone Canada

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Love playing video games?  Or have a mobile device and some free time on your hands?  Then you can get paid to download mobile game apps and play them!

So, how do you make money playing video games?

To do this, you simply need an account with any (preferably all) of these get-paid-to sites available to Canadians and at least one mobile device.

Swagbucks – Click here to join

Treasure Trooper – Click here to join

Unique Rewards – Click here to join


Once you have your Swagbucks account registered (click here to join if you haven’t already), click on “Discover” on the left hand toolbar.

The top offers will be listed in the first row, but you want to navigate down to the second row “Offers from our Trusted Partners.”

Be sure to explore each of the partners listed when you have a chance, as they are constantly updating their offers.  However, at this time, the best partner sites for games are:

AdGate Media
ayeT Studios
Revenue Universe

Be on the lookout for double Swagbuck events on particular offer walls.  These come up often and are a great way to earn even more!  To earn the double Swagbucks, you simply need to start the game before the event is over.  I once played a game that took about a week to meet the reward criteria on.  I loaded it during the double event for the offer wall and made $36 instead of $18 – even though I completed it after the double event had ended.

You can cash out once your account reaches as little as $3 (300 Swagbucks)!

Unique Rewards

When you sign into your Unique Rewards account (join here if you haven’t already), look to the top tabs and click on “OfferWalls”.

Here you will find a number of Unique Rewards advertising partners and the offers that they have available. Again, you will want to continually check all partner tabs as they update rewards frequently, but the best ones to find games on are:

Ayet Studios
AdGate Rewards
Revenue Universe

You can cash out once your account for a cheque once your account reaches $50 or Bitcoin once your account reaches $35.

Treasure Trooper

Treasure Trooper is my favourite get-paid-to site and you can learn all about the interstices of this site here.

Once you’ve logged into your account (click here to join if you haven’t already), click on the “Earn” drop down menu and then on “Arrowhead Digsites”.

Arrowheads can be converted into platinum coins to purchase gift cards and electronics (starting at $20 or 2000 arrowheads) or into dragon scales for playing the dragon game.

Just like the other sites, checking offers on the digsites regularly is a great way to earn, but the best sites for finding games are:

Digsite #1
Digsite #3
Digsite #5
Digsite #7
Digsite #8

Like Swagbucks, Treasure Trooper also has bonus earning events from their offer partners.  Usually every 2-3 months, Treasure Trooper has an arrowhead contest, wherein the more arrowheads you earn, the bigger the bonus you get!  Check out the earning possibilities:

How to earn arrowheads in Treasure Trooper

Read my comprehensive guide to Treasure Trooper here.

How To Maximize Your Earnings

If you really want to earn more (and who doesn’t?!?!) then I have are two handy hacks for you!

#1 Play Games During Bonus Events

Treasure Trooper Bonus Events

Both Swagbucks and Treasure Trooper regularly hold bonus events for completing offers.

With Swagbucks, just watch your site inbox.  Whenever an offer wall is offering bonus points, a message will appear in there to let you know.  While these events pop up often, it’s usually just for one offer wall at at time and they only last for a short while.

Fortunately, all you need to do to receive the bonus amount is start the game during the event.  If you meet the game’s criteria after the event has ended, you will very likely still receive the bonus points!  This is a great way to boost your earnings!

With Treasure Trooper, watch for the monthly contests.  There are quite a few that count arrowhead earnings toward the monthly rewards, but I always save my games for the arrowhead contest.  The arrowhead contest usually pops up every 2-3 months and lasts the entire month.  That means, the more arrowhead you earn, the higher the bonus you will receive!

#2 Use Multiple Devices

factory reset device to earn more

My next get paid to play games hack is to use multiple devices that can be factory reset.  I recommend having an apple and an android mobile device as many games and opportunities are specific to one particular phone.  I typically have 2 games running on 2 different phones at any given time.  You may be able to manage more or less depending on your multitasking skills and schedule.

Since my life is crazy, I try to focus solely on one site at a time for each phone, and always whichever site has the best bonus at the time.  Since this month, Treasure Trooper has their arrowhead bonus on, I am only playing games from Treasure Trooper to maximize my bonus.  I also try to stay with games offered from one offer partner at a time, simply to simplify.

Once I have completed all of the games I can from that particular offer partner, I factory reset the phone.  Then I head over to another partner and start all over again.

This is a great way to earn more, and you will find each time you play the same game, you will reach your qualifications faster letting you earn even more!

The Best Games to Make Money On

earn money playing game apps Canada

As you explore the offer walls, you will notice that some of them have more than one offer for the same game.  Sometimes they will require that you reach a certain building level and others to reach a certain power level.

Whenever playing a game for the first time, I usually go for the lower paying offer first.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but it let’s me play around with the game and get a feeling for how it works, then be rewarded faster.  Once I meet the easier requirements, I simply factory reset the phone and start working on the requirements for the higher rewards.  Having had some exposure to the game already, I am able to navigate the harder requirements faster and thus have more time to make more money!

My favourite games to play are:

Final Fantasy
World War Rising
Rise of Kingdoms
Clone Evolution
King of Avalon
Pop Slots

I’ve actually enjoyed Clone Evolution and Pop Slots so much, that I have continued to play on my main phone even after being paid out!

Do you get paid to play games on your mobile device?  What are your favourite money making games?

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