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10 Ways to Save Money on Pet Supplies

Discover the best ways to save money on pet supplies in Canada. Learn about loyalty programs, using coupons, subscribing to save, and more to lower your pet expenses.

best ways to save money on cats canada

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Welcome, pet parents of Canada! Owning a furry friend brings immense joy, but it can also come with significant expenses. From pet food to toys, grooming supplies to veterinary care, pet costs can add up quickly. However, fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various money-saving tips and strategies to help you save money on pet supplies without compromising on the quality of care your beloved pets deserve.

Join Rewards Programs

pet loyalty programs canada

Joining loyalty programs offered by pet stores is a fantastic way to save money on your pet’s necessities. These programs often offer exclusive discounts, rewards, and member-only deals, allowing you to stretch your pet care budget further. Plus, accumulating points with each purchase can lead to valuable savings in the long run.  Here are the current rewards programs for pet owners in Canada:

Pet Valu – Your Rewards

If you shop at Pet Valu, be sure to sign up for the Your Rewards program for the following bonuses:

Free food with the frequent buyer program (get 13th bag of  Performatrin, Performatrin Ultra or Performatrin Ultra Limited Dry Dog Food or Cat Food free, when the first 12 are bought of the same category within 24 months of initial purchase)
Exclusive members only flyer deals
5% off select brands with a case discount
Buy 6 get 1 free dog washes
Seniors and Military save 10% the last Thursday of each month

Join here

Global Pet Foods – Pet Rewards and Pet Zone

Another great program to join is Global Pet Foods Pet Rewards and the Pets Zone.  While both part of Global Pet foods, these two programs offer different benefits.

Pet Rewards Card:

Free pet food – the quantity needed to qualify for a free bag varies from brand to brand, but offers include food for cats, dogs and small animals.  The card keeps track of purchases, so there is no need to keep receipts, just scan and go!  Information is available in store.

Join here

Pets Zone

This is Global Pet Foods’ email list, which gives subscribers a number of great benefits including:

An in-store savings coupon for 15% off
Coupon on your pets birthday
Entry into special contest
Regular 15% off coupons sent to participants’ emails

Join here

Ren’s Pets – Ren’s Rewards

Ren’s Pets is a relatively new franchise in our area, and quite lovely.  Their Ren’s Rewards program is quite easy to follow and pretty straightforward.

When shopping at Ren’s Pets stores, Ren’s Rewards members get 1 point for every $1 spent.

100 points = $1 off future purchases.  Easy peasy!

Ren’s Pets also holds special members only events and specials from time to time!

On top of points and special events, Ren’s Pets also offers a frequent buyer program.  This program offers free food or litter (from specific brands) when a certain quantity of the same brand is met.

Buy 12 Get 1 Free
Orijen, Acana, Natural Balance, Go!, Now, , Pro Plan, Science Diet, Royal Canin, Grandma Lucy’s, Bixbi, Sojo’s (excluding Simple Remedy), Iron Will Raw (excluding meal deals), Big Country Raw (4lbs boxes, 6lbs totes, and 12lbs Mini Grab & Go Only), Crumps’ Naturals (Gutsy), Nature’s Logic

Buy 10 Get 1 Free
Merrick, Nutro, Wellness, Whole Earth Farms, Biologic Vet, Holistic Select, Nature’s Variety, Eagle Pack, Blue Buffalo, Eukanuba, Canadian Naturals, Taste of the Wild, World’s Best Cat Litter

Buy 6 Get 1 Free

Join here

Petsmart – Petsmart Treats

Petsmart is the closest pet store to me, so when I don’t buy pet supplies at Walmart or Amazon, it’s my go to.

To keep up with more and more stores popping up, Petsmart has revamped its rewards program with lots of great benefits for its members!

Petsmart Treats members (the name of Petsmart’s loyalty program) get the following benefits:

8 points for every $1 spent online or in store (can be redeemed online or in store starting at 1000 points).
Free surprise on your pet’s birthday
Free shipping on online orders over $49
Free doggie day camp session when you buy 10
Exclusive coupons by email
Special bonus point offers

Join here

Pet Max – Frequent Buyer Program

Pet Max is a small Canadian business that offers a frequent buyer program, offering free product when minimum quantities are bought.  If you purchase any of the following brands, this frequent buyer program is a great way to save!

Be sure to note that many of the brands require customers to save receipts and/or UPCs to redeem their free bag.

Blue Buffalo – 1 Free wub 10 – Dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Boreal – 1 Free wub 12 – Dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Canidae – 1 Free wub 12 -Dry food and cases of cans – Must be completed within 18 months – Must keep UPCs from each bag

Diamond – 1 Free wub 12 – Dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Eukanuba – 1 Free wub 10 – Dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Go! – 1 Free wub 12 – Dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Legacy – 1 Free wub 12 – Dry food

Lifetime – 1 Free wub 12 – Dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Natural Balance – 1 Free wub 12 – Includes all formulas – Excludes cans and 5 lbs dog bags. Customer is responsible for keeping receipts & UPC’s – Must be completed within 14 months

Natural Choice – 1 Free wub 10 – All dry food and cases of cans. Customer responsible for keeping all receipts. Must be completed within 16 months

Nature’s Variety – 1 Free wub 10 – All dry food, frozen food, & cases of cans – Must be completed within 14 months

Now! – 1 Free wub 12 – All dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Nutram – 1 Free wub 10 – All dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Nutrience – 1 Free wub 10 – All dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Oven Baked – 1 Free with 12 – All dry food. Customer responsible for keeping all UPC’s – Must be completed within 18 months

Pro Plan Cat Food – 1 Free wub 12 – 2.26Kg – 3.18kg. Customer responsible for keeping all receipts. Must be completed in 14 months

Pro Plan Cat Food – 1 Free wub 10 – 6.35 Kg. Customer responsible for keeping all receipts. Must be completed within 14 months

Pro Plan Dog Food –  1 Free wub 11 -All dog food 14 Kg and larger, Small Breed Puppy/Adult 2 Kg, Small Breed Puppy/Adult 7 Kg. Customer responsible for keeping all receipts. Must be completed in 14 months

Royal Canin – 1 Free wub 12 – All dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Summit – 1 Free wub 12 – All dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Taste of The Wild – 1 Free wub 12 – All dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Wholesome Blend – 1 Free wub 12 – All dry food – Must be completed within 18 months

Learn more here


cat food coupons canada

Using coupons on pet supplies is a savvy way to cut costs. Whether you find them in newspapers, online, or through store apps, coupons can significantly reduce your pet care expenses. With a little effort in hunting for coupons, you can enjoy discounts on everything from dog food to grooming products.

Remember, every dollar saved with coupons adds up over time. It’s a simple yet effective strategy to keep your pet care costs in check without sacrificing quality.

I’m all about coupons!  I use them for everything, including pet supplies!  Even pet specialty stores like Petsmart take coupons.  This was a total shock to me when I first started couponing, but definitely a great way to take advantage of the best prices!

Wondering where to find pet coupons?

Many can be found in the newspaper inserts delivered to your home or mailbox each week, on the shelves of stores, right on packaging and various places online.

The following sites typically offer pet coupons that can be printed at home:
P&G Everyday

In addition to physical coupons, many sites offer digital coupons that can be redeemed after making a purchase.

Checkout 51 and Caddle offer cashback for offers listed on their respected apps.  If the pet food/product is listed on their portal, simply upload your receipt and have the money added to your account!

Reciept Hog and Receipt Jar accept receipts regardless of what products have been bought.  Simply snap pictures of your receipt and upload them to their sites to be rewarded.

Swagbucks Answer app accepts receipts from select stores for a quick and easy 5 Swagbucks (about 5 cents) added to your account!

Also be sure to check out Amazon’s coupon portal for discounts that can be applied directly to your Amazon purchase for instant savings.

Not sure how to use coupons?  Check out this comprehensive beginner’s guide to couponing.

Subscribe and Save

As a busy human and pet parent whose mind has turned to mush, I absolutely love the subscribe and save options from online stores to make sure I don’t run out of pet supplies and take advantage of a discounted rate for using a subscription service!

Taking advantage of subscription services offered by major retailers like Walmart and Amazon is a great way to save money on pet supplies. These programs allow you to set up regular deliveries of your pet’s essentials, such as food, treats, and litter, at a discounted price.

By subscribing, not only do you save money, but you also save time and hassle by ensuring you never run out of crucial supplies for your furry friend. Plus, many subscription services offer additional perks like free shipping, making them even more cost-effective in the long run.

Not only is this option convenient, but it’s also a great way to save!  Both Walmart and Amazon offer discounts on products when someone chooses to subscribe and save.  Typically the savings are about 5%, but can vary based on frequency and the product chosen.  When signing up for subscription services, look for discount codes, which are often given for the first delivery saving you even more!

Pay with Gift Cards

Fast and Easy Mothers Day Gifts

Consider using gift cards bought at a discount or earned through task sites to save money on pet supplies. Many online platforms offer discounted gift cards for popular pet stores, allowing you to stretch your pet care budget further.

Additionally, you can earn gift cards through various activities such as taking surveys or completing online tasks. By using these gift cards to purchase pet supplies, you effectively lower your out-of-pocket expenses, giving you more flexibility in managing your pet care costs.

Check out my monthly extra cash reports to see which programs are paying out, but my top recommendations are:


Use Rewards Credit Card

best rewards credit card canada

Utilize credit cards that offer rewards on pet-related purchases to save money over time. Many credit card companies offer cashback or reward points on pet supplies, allowing you to earn valuable benefits with every purchase.

By using a reward credit card for your pet care expenses, you not only save money but also accumulate points or cashback that can be redeemed for future purchases or other rewards. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your fur babies!

It’s a definitely a great way to pay!

This approach does require some discipline to avoid racking up debt and having to pay interest fees.  If you have a rewards credit card and can pay off the balance, use it for every single purchase to save more.

Shop Online

pet supplies online canada

Shopping online for pet supplies is not only convenient but can also save you money. Online stores often offer competitive prices and frequent discounts compared to brick-and-mortar pet supply stores, plus a quick search will often lead you to promo codes for even more discounts!.

Moreover, online shopping allows you to easily compare prices across different retailers, ensuring you get the best deal possible on your pet’s essentials. If you’re worried about the cost of shipping, remember that many online stores offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, further adding to your savings.

Plus, you can stretch your savings further by getting cashback through various websites such as Swagbucks and Ebates!  Both of these sites have features that give you cashback each time you shop at various stores.  By simply adding a couple of clicks at the beginning of your online shopping, you can save money!  It’s time well spent!

Not only that, buy you can also install the Honey browser extension which will give you cashback and online coupons with a simple click!

Not sure how to use cashback at these sites?

Check out how to earn cashback when you shop at Swagbucks here:

and how to get cashback when you shop at Ebates here:


Shop Sales

Best deals on pet supplies Canada

Keep an eye out for sales and promotions at pet supply stores to snag great deals on your furry friend’s essentials. Whether it’s a seasonal clearance sale or a special promotion, shopping during these events can lead to significant savings.

Just like everything else, there are always sales on pet supplies!

I keep a stock pile of many of the items our family uses (both human and nonhuman members).  It’s super convenient to always have items on hand, and it also saves money since I stock up when things are on sale.  Rarely do I have to run out and pay full price for items because we’ve run out.

Saving paper and online coupons to use when items go on sale is another great way to get essentials at an even lower price!

Buy Used

buying used pet stuff canada

I’m a big fan of buying used.  Not only is it cheaper, but it also emphasizes two of the three Rs drilled into us in primary school (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

Many pet parents clear out lots of pet supplies as their pets grow or they no longer have use for the items.  Consider buying used pet supplies, such as crates, toys, and accessories, to save money without compromising on quality. Many savvy pet owners sell gently used items at a fraction of the cost of new ones, allowing you to save a considerable amount.

Websites like Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, and online pet forums are excellent places to find used pet supplies at discounted prices. Just be sure to inspect the items thoroughly before purchasing to ensure they meet your pet’s needs and safety standards.

Shop Dollarstores

I buy my kids lots of supplies for activities at dollarstores and was incredibly surprised to see the great selection they have of pet supplies too!

Wondering through the pet aisle, I realized that many of the items there are exactly the same as those carried in brand name stores, but at a fraction of the price!  Why pay $10 for a cat wand, when you can pick one up at Dollarama for $1.25?

Dollar stores and discount stores can be a treasure trove for any budget savvy pet owner! Many dollar stores carry a variety of pet supplies, including toys, grooming products, and even food, at incredibly low prices.

While the selection may not be as extensive as larger pet supply stores, shopping at dollar stores can be a cheaper alternative for essential items for your furry friend. Just be sure to check the quality and ingredients of any food or treats you purchase to ensure they meet your pet’s dietary needs.

Shop Around for a Vet

why a good vet matters

Feeding, grooming and loving your pet are all essential to your pet’s well being, but so is their physical health.  Regular checkups and seasonal treatments at the vet, can add years to your pet’s life and help mitigate future health issues.

As such, choosing a vet should not be taken lightly.

When it comes to veterinary care, it’s essential to find a provider that offers quality service at a reasonable price. Take the time to shop around and compare prices for routine services like vaccinations, check-ups, and dental care.

Additionally, consider factors such as location, hours of operation, and the range of services offered when choosing a veterinary clinic for your furry friend. By finding a vet that meets your pet’s needs and your budget, you can save money on essential healthcare services in the long run.

Remember, that while experts, veterinarians are serving you and your pet.  If you do not feel comfortable around a particular vet or assistant, you do not have to stay.  If they are constantly pushing products, you not only don’t have to buy, but you don’t have to stay.  Shop around.  Get second, even third opinions.

When the time comes to chose a vet, be sure to shop around and ask for recommendations.  Friends and family are a great place to start, but don’t forget about neighbours.  If you are in any Facebook discussion groups local to your area, don’t be shy about asking there.  Many people are quite willing to share the good and bad, helping you choose the best health provider for your furbaby!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. How can I save money on my pet’s food?

  • Consider buying in bulk or opting for store brands to lower the cost of food.
  • Look for coupons and discount codes offered by pet supply stores or online retailers to reduce food costs.
  • Explore subscription services that offer discounted prices on recurring deliveries of pet food.
  • After careful research, consider making your own pet food that best fits your pet’s health needs

2. Is pet insurance worth it?

  • Pet insurance can help offset the cost of unexpected veterinary expenses (including emergency vet visits), potentially saving you money in the long run.
  • However, it’s essential to carefully review the terms, coverage options, and premiums of pet insurance plans to determine if it’s the right choice for you and your pet and if the pet insurance costs will cover the pet medications and care that the type of pet you have may need.

3. How often should I groom my pet to save money on grooming expenses?

  • Regular grooming can help prevent health issues and reduce the need for expensive professional grooming services.
  • Invest in quality grooming tools and learn to groom your pet at home to save money on grooming expenses over time.

4. Are there any free or low-cost veterinary clinics available?

  • Some animal shelters and nonprofit organizations offer free or low-cost veterinary clinics for pet owners in need.
  • Check with local animal welfare organizations or veterinary schools to inquire about available resources in your area.

5. What are some affordable alternatives to expensive pet toys?

  • DIY toys made from household items, such as cardboard boxes, old socks, and empty plastic bottles, can provide hours of entertainment for your pet at little to no cost
  • Look for durable toys on sale or clearance at pet supply stores, or consider buying used toys from online marketplaces.

6. How can I save money on preventative care for my pet?

  • Schedule regular wellness exams (including annual exams) and vaccinations to prevent costly health issues (and vet bills) down the line.
  • Invest in preventive measures such as flea and tick prevention, dental care, and proper nutrition to keep your pet healthy and reduce the likelihood of expensive medical bills.

Saving money on pet supplies in Canada is entirely achievable with a bit of planning and savvy shopping. By taking advantage of loyalty programs, coupons, subscription services, and other cost-saving strategies outlined in this guide, you can provide the best care for your furry friend without breaking the bank. Remember, every dollar saved adds up over time, allowing you to enjoy the companionship of your beloved pet without worrying about excessive expenses. So, go ahead and implement these tips to start saving money on your pet care costs today!

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