How To Save on Pregnancy Tests!


When we decided to have a family and start ‘working’ on it, I was absolutely amazed at how difficult it was to get pregnant.  Years of ‘education’ had taught me that once you have sex, you are done for and that’s it, you’re pregnant!  Little did I know of ovulation, timing and the luck it takes.  Of course, surprises still do happen, but not for many. 

It took us 10 months to get pregnant.  We were two weeks away from our first fertility specialist appointment when I got that beautiful second line on not one, but 4 different tests! 

Now, think about it for a moment (or recall for those who have been there) just how expensive a single pregnancy test is.  Most stores sell the First Response 2pack for about $17 or $18 (I chose this brand simply because there are fewer dye leaks resulting in false positives, so I prefer them), but Dollarama sells generic pregnancy tests for just $1.25 and Amazon sells 25 packs for just $18.99 (76 cents a test)!  And guess what?  They work just as well!

So think about it.  In a typical cycle, I probably took 4-5 pregnancy tests – multiply this by 10 months and on the high end, it’s 50 tests, or 25 double packs.  So, 25 packs x$18=$450 (and that doesn’t include tax)!!!  Now, had I bought the single packs at $10.77 (x50 tests), I would have spent $538.50 before taxes!!!  Insane!

But, if I hit up my local Dollarama and bought 5 tests for 10 cycles, it would have only been $62.50 excluding tax!!!

Instead, when it came down to it, I went on amazon and picked up 25 counts for $18.99!  That way I could pee on as many as I wanted without feeling the guilt!  So my 5 tests a cycle x 10 cycles worked out to $37.98 excluding tax!  Of course, after I got my 4 positives, I went out and bought one of the fancy digital tests that tell you just how many weeks along you are – you know, just to be absolutely sure!

I have personally used all 3 types of tests and did not get any false results.  They all gave me negatives when they were negative and positives when they were positive! 

So, don’t flush your money down the toilet – you can honestly save hundreds (if you are pee addict like me) by shopping online or at the dollar store!

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